Introduction to Keith Barbour


Introduction to Keith Barbour

Keith Barbour (born January 21, 1941 in New York City) recorded a beautiful song in the late 60s music era written by Buzz Clifford titled “Echo Park.”  The song seemed destined to be a hit but peaked at #40 on The Billboard Hot 100 and soon fell off the charts.  A couple of follow up singles did not do well and Barbour became a one hit wonder if you consider one song charting at #40 a hit.  Barbour had a very strong voice and while in college at Brown University he sang in their famous a cappella group The Jabberwocks. In 1967 he joined the folk music group The New Christy Minstrel’s playing with them until 1969 when he began his short lived solo career.  Besides his single “Echo Park” Barbour recorded a 1969 album on Epic Records titled “Echo Park.” It was reissued in 2001 with three additional songs added to the original album.  In 1971 Barbour married soap opera actress Deidre Hall.  They were married until 1978 when they divorced.  Other Keith Barbour Hit Songs include:  “My God and I,” “If Only I Could Touch You,” “Here I Find,” “Baby Lit a Candle,” “All of Your Loving,” “Home,” “You Try Not to Show,” “Wind Is the Color of Lace,” “Reaching High,” “Here I Am Losing You,” “Today,” “Bake Me a Woman,” “Alicia” and “Sweet Mary Sunday.”

Short career summary of Keith Barbour

American singer and songwriter Keith Barbour was born on July 21, 1941 in New York, City. Barbour attended Brown University where he became a member of the Jabberworcks, an all-male a cappella group. Around that time, he later joined the folk music group New Christy Minstrels. By 1969, Barbour signed a deal with Epic Records as a solo recording artist, releasing his first album called Echo Park. His record made to the Billboard 200, peaking at #163 while the title track reached #40 on the pop singles charts. “Echo Park” was written by singer and songwriter Buzz Clifford and it was his first and last hit.

In the fall of 1970, Barbour released the follow-up single “My God and I” which was hardly noticed. The following year, he married TV soap actress Deidre Hall. The couple later divorced in 1978. The album Echo Park was reissued in 2001 which he added three new tracks.

Keith Barbour’s discography

Epic Records

(Aug 1969)

  • A: Echo Park
  • B: Here I Am Losing You

(Apr 1970)

  • A: Sweet Mary Sunday
  • B: Alicia

(Aug 1970)

  • A: My God And I
  • B: In The Quiet Of Your Love

Barnaby Records

(Jul 1971)

  • A: A Pound Of Peaches (Summer’s Here)
  • B: Music Sweet Music

Private Stock

(Oct 1977)

  • A: Do You Believe In Magic
  • B: “B” Side By The Seaside

Rock’n Mania


Mike Douglas

  • A: The Men In My Little Girl’s Life

Keith Barbour

  • B: Echo Park


Mike Douglas

  • A: The Men In My Little Girl’s Life

Keith Barbour

  • B: Echo Park
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