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Introduction to Laverne and Shirley

Introduction to Laverne and Shirley

What is Laverne and Shirley?

Laverne and Shirley is a 1970s television comedy, about two roommates and their very hilarious and unpredictable adventures. It aired from January 27, 1976 to May 10, 1983 and lasted a total of eight seasons and 178 episodes. Laverne and Shirley was a spin-off series of the very popular show, Happy Days. It was first introduced to television on Happy Days, in which Laverne and Shirley were presented as friends of Fonzie’s, a Happy Days character.

The title characters

Laverne De Fazio is one of the two main characters in this television series and was played by actress Penny Marshall. Laverne is known for being a tough tom-boy, and for being quite pessimistic. She is also very athletic and outspoken, Laverne is never afraid of speaking what is on her mind. Throughout the series she is well known for getting hurt easily.


Shirley Feeney is the other main cast member of the show, and is played by actress Cindy Williams. She is known as being cheerful and optimistic. Shirley is also less aggressive than her roommate, and is very humble. She also has a stuffed kitty she calls “Boo Boo Kitty” which is very important to her.

The show’s recurring characters

Some other recurring characters in the series include, Leonard “Lenny” Kosnowski, Andrew “Squiggy” Squigman, Frank De Fazio, Carmine Ragusa, Edna Babish De Fazio, Big Rosie Greenbaum, Rhonda Lee, and Sonny St. Jacques. Leonard “Lenny” Kosnowski and Andrew “Squiggy” Squigman are roommates just like Laverne and Shirley. They live in the same apartment building as Laverne and Shirley. Lenny and Squiggy live in the upper-level of the apartment, and Laverne and Shirley live in the lower-level.

The end of the series

In 1982, Cindy Williams became pregnant and decided that she wanted to leave the show. She filed a lawsuit against Paramount, but the case was later settled. In order to keep the show going even after Williams left, they changed the plot of the story, and had the character of Shirley Feeney fall in love, become pregnant, and eventually move away leaving Laverne De Fazio alone. Even without Shirley, the eighth season of Laverne and Shirley, was very successful. Penny Marshall, wanted to continue with the series, and have another season of Laverne and Shirley produced, however she wanted to change the setting of the series from California to New York. Because of the cost of such a move, ABC decided to cancel the show marking the end of Laverne and Shirley.

Laverne and Shirley only had one spinoff series, which was animated. This series was called Laverne & Shirley in the Army and first aired on October 10, 1981. It was about Laverne and Shirley joining the army. Although it did not have any more spin-offs or sequels, Laverne and Shirley was still very popular. It brought laughter and happiness to everyone who watched it, and this will always be the most memorable aspect of the show.

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