Introduction to the Triple Crown Sports Organization

The history of the successful sports body

Triple Crown Sports was founded with the original intention of becoming a strictly slo-pitch softball organizations, and, indeed, it did, with only a few small tournaments played per year. But, it was not allowed to stay this way, as many people flocked to the quality of the tournaments offered by Triple Crown Sports, and so it was forced to grow into the giant multi-sport organization it is today.

A desire to improve the quality of softball tournaments

Triple Crown Sports began when a man named Dave King became frustrated with one to many poor slow-pitch softball tournaments. Dave and his wife Annette were avid slow-pitch softball fans and were disappointed by the lack of quality in the tournaments they played in. They were tired of the low-quality awards, the lazy staff, and the wholly disorganized scheduling, and also the horrible quality of the fields they played on. Finally they had had enough and brought it up in one tournament with the director of the event, but he blew them off and challenged them to do it themselves.

It started as a seemingly impossible dream

When they were driving home after the tournament, Dave and his wife set to thinking about what the tournament director had said. They began to dream in their minds of what it would be like to have the perfect tournament experience. The location would be something the players and the families would desire to visit, with quality awards instead of disappointing awards, professional staff instead those who didn’t care to be there, and extracurricular events called “spin events” that would allow players to relax outside of their games. This ever happening seemed very improbably, and then nearly impossible once they calculated the cost of them setting up such an organization.

First Triple Crown event, and incorporating into an organization

This, however, did not deter them in the slightest, for in 1982 they hosted their first Triple Crown event as a slow-pitch softball tournament at the small mountain town of Meeker, Co. This first tournament was a huge hit and had so much success that, in 1983 other tournaments were held in Steamboat Springs and Grand Junction. This format led to the nickname “Triple Crown” and was, obviously, incorporated into the organizations name Triple Crown Sports in 1987.

After these first few tournaments, the company would go from three slow-pitch tournaments to over 100 tournaments form 1991 with over 3000 teams in the roster in the course of just a few years. The Kings were surprised at first at the success of their business, but began to build a successful organization. They wanted to instill and honest work environment and also family values so that anyone would be proud to join their company. These beliefs rule the core of the company to this day.

Evolving into a huge multi-sports organization

In 1992, Triple Crown Sports began to add on additional sports such as baseball and fast pitch. Also during this year, international tournaments would be formed in countries like Australia, Canada, England, Guam, Ireland, and Mexico. Triple Crown also began to introduce basketball, roller hockey, and soccer tournaments, and also developed USA Sports Rankings, to encourage the teams in their roster even more to compete and do their best.

In the next 20 years would expand with leaps and bounds and grow into a company to lead the youth sports industry. This growth included the decision to put a handful of elite championship games each year on television. In 1993, Triple Crown was, for the first time, hosted on ESPN, the event being a slow-pitch softball championship in Steamboat Springs, the site of one of the company’s original tournament sights. In 2004 began to produce its own television broadcasts and almost six years later created their own television station called TCTV which stands for Triple Crown Television. In that same year this thriving company joined up with CBS Sports Network, which led it to nationally-televised broadcasts and live webcasts of different field event each year.

Leading the youth sports industry

Triple Crown first started as a dream, as all successful corporations do. It first seemed impossible to accomplish, but with hard work and determination, Triple Crown Sports grew from a small, slo-pitch softball organization, to a huge, nationally renowned multi-sports association that has ties in many sports, including, baseball, girls’ fast and slow pitch softball, girls’ basketball, college basketball, volleyball, and even drift racing. To this day, Triple Crown Sports remains one of the largest, and best, sports organizations.