Investments in Apartments in Sunny Isles Beach in Florida


Sunny Isles Beach in Florida is situated on a small island bounded by the Atlantic Ocean on the East, the Golden Beach on the North, the Intracoastal Waterway on the West, and Bal Harbour on the South. There are about 2.5 miles of luxurious oceanfront condos here, giving the city nicknames, such as “Florida’s Riviera” and “The Billionaire’s Beach.”

One of the high-end condominiums here is the Trump Palace Sunny Isles. It is a luxurious residential skyscraper that is located on the oceanfront. It offers 275 units with one to five-bedroom floor plans ranging from 1,149 to 4,602 square feet. Each apartment or condo has a private balcony, panoramic windows, stunning views of the ocean, modern appliances, marble floors, and more. It also has world-class amenities, such as spa, fitness center, and oceanfront swimming pools, to name a few.

Condos like the Trump Palace in Sunny Isles Beach has redefined condominium living. It’s because they are more like private mansions in the skies, which is perfect for those who are looking for top amenities, private beaches, spectacular views, 5-star in-house dining, and more. With this, Sunny Isles Beach has always been thought of as a great investment community for a lot of reasons. Some of those include top luxury condo offerings, warm tropical climate, and diverse culture. These turned Sunny Isles Beach into one of the most desirable places to own a home in the country.

If you are looking into investing in real estate, especially in apartments, Sunny Isles Beach is one of the best places to choose. If you want to know why read on as we’re giving you the top reasons to invest in apartments in Sunny Isles Beach in Florida.

The Beautiful Beach

When investing in apartments, one of the important things you need to consider is finding a reason why renters will love it. One of the best things about Sunny Isles apartments or condos is that they are by the beach. This makes it convenient for vacationers who are visiting the place to swim or do watersports activities. In fact, if you invest in oceanfront properties, you will be able to charge your renters more because of it.

The Limited Supply of Homes in Sunny Isles Beach

For those who are moving to the area, there’s currently not a lot to choose from because many of the rentals here are already being rented, and some of them might not suit the needs of other people. Therefore, when you invest in apartments or condos, you will have a prime rental that can be filled easily. And there is unlikely to be any new building here in the coming years.

The Strong International Market

Many people are looking into buying real estate on Sunny Isles Beach, and they are not just from around the area but from other countries, as well. They are looking for luxury vacation homes that they can use during the off-months. When you invest in an apartment in Sunny Isles Beach, you can provide a way for these people to rent the space during those months, and then provide rent for other months to other people who are looking for a place to stay in. This opens up a lot of options for investors.

Sunny Isles Beach skyline in Florida

The Huge Rental Population in Sunny Isles Beach

Miami alone is already a big rental market, but when you consider the number of people looking for beach homes, the rental population becomes even bigger. Many people are unable to pay high prices to buy homes. That’s why they choose to rent apartments for a specific amount of time. People who are living in the area are accustomed to the high rental prices, and most of them are willing to pay a nice condo or apartment.

The Strong Return on Investment for Landlords

If you rent to anyone coming to Sunny Isles Beach, you will experience a strong return on investment on the asset you make. It’s because there’s a high demand for properties by the beach, and Sunny Isles Beach is among the top destinations. It means that having an extravagant condo or high-end apartment in this place will go for a good amount of rent in the area. And when you include extra amenities, such as pools, decks, backyards, and ocean, you will be hitting a strong ROI.

The Landlord Friendly Market

Unlike other states in the United States that have strict rental laws, Florida has a landlord-friendly market. They help landlords ensure that you have the control if rent is not paid on time, or when your property has been damaged. It also does not matter who you are renting to, because they make sure that all violations are taken care of. This makes it less of a burden for landlords.

The Increasing Job Market

Many people are looking for jobs throughout the Miami area. And when they do find great jobs, they will move to this area. Therefore, as many people move to the area to find work, many will also be looking for a place to rent or stay in around Miami, and Sunny Isles Beach is one of the most enticing places among the many options.

 The Abundance of Tourists in Sunny Isles Beach

All the tourists coming to the area will surely need a place to stay. A lot of them search for rental properties that they can turn into their vacation homes and rent them regularly each year at the same time. There are also those living around the area that may rent for some time due to the high prices, or they may not want to deal with the costs of buying a home. Aside from that, renting also comes with lots of extras and amenities that will give them a care-free way of life.

With these, investing in apartments and condos in Sunny Isles Beach is indeed a great choice. Aside from being an active and flourishing area, the prices here are also at its cheapest since 2012, making it a perfect investment. No wonder it has been an investment playground for buyers from all over the world.

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