Invisalign’s are Gaining Prominence – What are the Crucial Benefits?


Not everyone has been gifted with a great dental structure. Some people lack a perfect alignment of teeth. While others develop some dental errors as they grow up because of poor dental hygiene or, at times, because of an accident. So, if you had a teeth issue, would you wear braces on your teeth, or will you opt-in for clear aligners. In case you have chosen a clear aligner, you are not the only one.

Today, Invisalign is gaining prominence and helps to realign or straighten your teeth. If you have been keen on using this solution, you need to know about it and also the benefits. You can also get in touch with an emergency dentist for any query. If you want, you can also search for “emergency dentist near me” in Oyster Bay, NY, to know more.

Understanding an Invisalign treatment

Invisalign happens to be the brand name for a kind of clear, thin aligner that gets used in orthodontic treatment. The product gets designed in a way so that the orthodontic treatment is slightly less conspicuous. The aligners get made using flexible thermoplastic material.

Even though the Invisalign teeth aligners aren’t totally invisible, the clear covering can fit very well in your teeth. It isn’t noticeable. Hence, you can wear it quickly when you are at work and not feel embarrassed about it.

The kind of problems that dental problems can resolve

Invisalign can get used for various reasons, comprising spacing and crowding problems. It can also be worn for resolving moderate and mild bite problems. It can get used for treating the following dental issues:

  • Certain kinds of crossbite, overbite, and underbite problems
  • Crowded teeth
  • Open bite
  • Gap teeth

Even though there had been limited research based on the outcome, today, Invisalign is effective in curing other dental issues. For instance, according to a study made in 2017, clear aligners help align an individual’s arches. However, it might not work for correcting severe bite issues.

Who can opt-in for an Invisalign?

If you want to opt-in for an Invisalign, you first need to get an appointment with the orthodontist, who will create a 3D picture of the jaw and mouth. They will use this picture to plan a treatment to ensure that your teeth reach the correct place.

After that, the orthodontist will customize the plastic aligners. And the way these aligners work is by applying pressure to the teeth and shifting them to the desired location. Based on your orthodontist’s instructions, you need to wear the same and replace it based on the guidelines provided to you.

However, if you are unsure whether to opt in for this or not, here are a few advantages that you need to consider before making the final decision.

1. It is easy to clean

If you wear braces, it can get challenging to clean your teeth. There is a chance of food getting stuck in your mouth and in the braces, which leads to an uncomfortable situation. That aside, the Invisalign aligners are easy to clean and pop out when needed. Here you don’t need to fret about brushing or flossing between the wires and the brackets, as it’s removable. It will secure your oral health when you can floss and brush as you usually do.

2. Zero limitations on food

The orthodontist always advises the patients to refrain from certain foods and not chew gum once they have their braces on. Some patients don’t listen to this and damage the wires and brackets. When you select Invisalign, there is no need to adhere to any food restrictions. It will not cause any damage to the Invisalign. You have the option to take away the aligners from your teeth and eat all that you want to.

3. It is more comfortable

If you have a new appliance inside your mouth, it will take time to get accustomed to it. The Invisalign aligners are generally easier and more comfortable than the braces for two particular reasons:

  • It doesn’t have sharp edges – The brackets have a sharp edge which can irritate the cheeks. Here the Invisalign edges are very smooth.
  • There is no tightening – From time to time, your orthodontist needs to tighten the braces. When you have an Invisalign, you are provided with multiple sets that you must change on alternate weeks. The aligners get a little adjusted from the earlier one. And you might feel slight tightness when you place the aligners set, however it shouldn’t last beyond a day. ‘

4. It is invisible

One common complaint that most people have concerning traditional braces is that it’s unattractive. Most people notice the smile; hence you might not prefer to conceal it through the braces. The Invisalign can provide the same outcome, and still, it goes unnoticed. Made out of clear plastic, the Invisalign aligners are mostly invisible. Hence, people can’t notice it when you smile.

5. Lesser visits to your orthodontist

The braces need the patients to make a visit to the orthodontist several times so that the wires remain tight. Also, patients are provided with a few sets of clear aligners so that they can change them by themselves. Even though these patients still have to visit their orthodontist for regular check-ups, the frequency of the appointments are lesser. It usually varies between four to eight weeks.

6. Zero discoloration

Certain patients witness slight discoloration of the teeth when they wear the braces. It usually occurs when the patient eats staining food or consumes an ample amount of sugar. However, when you wear an Invisalign, you can avert it totally. The aligners don’t get mounted on the teeth. Hence, you can clean your teeth easily.

These are some of the apparent advantages of opting in for an Invisalign treatment. However, make sure you check with an expert dentist or a reputed clinic that provides the best emergency dental services to get your Invisalign treatment. Furthermore, you also need to adhere to other dental care guidelines to ensure you have better dental health using Invisalign.


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