IQF berries optimal processing

IQF is an acronym that stands for individually quick-frozen, a type of frozen product that has undergone flash freezing. It generally features a quick processing speed to retain as much of the original food product’s good quality as possible, whether it be in terms of excellent taste, appearance, or texture. Additionally, one of the key advantages of IQF processing lies in its ability to keep as many nutrients and vitamins locked inside as possible. Additionally, one of the key elements in IQF freezing lies in its ability to handle and ensure the good separation of the products. That means that each piece of the food potentially chopped up into smaller pieces beforehand for certain products, is kept separate,, and ensured that there is no formation of groups or clumps of food. IQF berries are no exception, and they’re an especially sought-after delicacy. Not only is it becoming increasingly important to get all our vitamins and healthy substances in the wake of largely being cooped up inside after a global pandemic, but it also is a great way to reinvigorate your body and provide it with the necessary substances to thrive.

In that case, it is no wonder that frozen IQF berries sales are booming, and here’s how you can capitalize on that.

IQF – not your regular freezing approach

High-quality freezing does not happen in a vacuum. That’s why you need the right approach to even get started. Unlike cold storage freezing, there are a few more things you should keep in mind. If you are familiar with the earlier method, you might have to adjust your belief, as IQF Freezing requires something extra to do the job.

The secret ingredient is speed. That’s the key to all IQF processing and the main takeaway from this article. To optimally process IQF berries it is mandatory to ensure that there is a high-speed processing line in place that supports it. The reasoning behind it is that, from the moment they are plucked, berries start to lose much of their appeal. From slight changes in color, taste, texture, and smell, to more drastic ones that you might not notice under the surface. These revolve around the loss of healthy vitamins that many customers would seek out – and this process goes hand in hand with the more visible, palpable changes described beforehand.

The way to circumvent this change is by ensuring that the freezing process happens as quickly as possible. The faster you freeze the berries, the better the outcome will be. By plucking them at their perfect ripeness, you’re able to harvest the most nutritious, delicious berries. Then, by transporting them directly to your freezing line, you can lock in those nutrients, thanks to a quick processing line. That makes it much easier to supply a healthy alternative to the farmer’s market, without requiring as many resources as possible or up-front investment, relatively speaking.

The right tools for the job

As with any freezing enterprise, having the right technology is key to producing the best possible products. That’s why companies like Octofrost have started and kept innovating upon existing technology, pushing the boundaries forward and creating some of the world’s best equipment for processing IQF berries. With an entire frozen food processing line at your disposal, it can handle everything from washing to chilling and eventually freezing. As a premier supplier of excellent freezing technology, Octofrost’s every machine is manufactured and designed to perfection.

Since the focus during IQF freezing should be on speed, that’s precisely what the technology reflects. While it’s possible to incorporate individual pieces of the processing line seamlessly into your frozen berry production, consider the advantages in speed and productivity that come with a complete line.

Primarily, you keep all the precious nutrients and minerals that you can, when you process the berries as quickly as possible. Berries alter their taste and texture quickly, making every step’s speed count.

Secondly, you’re able to have highly impactful energy savings. Due to your ability to adjust production elements such as Octofrost’s IQF Freezer fan speed, proper blanching, and freezing temperatures, as well as the overall infeed and outfeed options, you’re free to tailor the processing line to the exact needs of your business.

Another key factor is the high yield that you get when you process frozen berries using the proper processing line. There will be much less waste or rejected batches because of a tailored freezing process. Additionally, you’re free to include multiple infeed lines, or use multiple levels, which is one of the features of the Octofrost Impingement Freezer.

Finally, a key element of the modern freezing industry stays the associated food safety ratings. Simply put, they’re crucial in keeping your business afloat. That’s precisely why Octofrost has innovated here the most. With their unique, patented bedplate technology, it’s possible to perform maintenance without stopping production. Simply replace old bedplates with new ones, and then wash them down until they’re as good as new.

The bedplates themselves are perforated, allowing cold air steams  to go through the plates and freeze the product, all while separating it. The food safety ratings are among the highest in the industry standards and supply excellent future proofing.


As can be seen, IQF supplies excellent freezing capabilities for berries, creating some of the best quality frozen products possible. And Octofrost supplies some of the best freezing machines for fruit and vegetables, making this a match made in heaven. If you’d like to take the business you’ve been building and expand upon it, there are few better options than Octofrost. With an international team, they’ve amassed the reputation and technical knowledge on how to create the most technologically performant, highly impressive machinery to date.

Develop your very own IQF frozen berry branch and enjoy the surges in the frozen industry, as they inevitably come. Increasingly more customers are looking for attainable, affordable sources of healthy substances of natural origin. Make your name be at the tip of their tongues when they do, with the help of Octofrost – the world’s premier IQF frozen berry processing line supplier.