Is A Mesh Nebulizer Effective For Asthma Patients?


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Are you an asthma patient? Is the inhaler not effective? Are you not at ease because of the breathlessness? Visit your nearest medical store and get a mesh nebulizer. There are a number of medical stores that provide the same.

To people who don’t know what a nebulizer is, you have arrived at the right place. A portable mesh nebulizer is a piece of equipment which sends medications where they are required the most in less than five minutes. Unlike inhalers, using a nebulizer is simple yet effective. Inhalers take more time and they first reach your gastrointestinal tract, then the bloodstream to reach to the lungs. The entire procedure takes about thirty to forty minutes to stay at ease from the breathlessness you are facing. One primary reason you should swap to a nebulizer is that they work instantly.

Why should you use a nebulizer?

First things first. A nebulizer is a piece of equipment used by people who are asthma patients. It is a substitute treatment which is used to deliver medications straight away to the lungs. It is best suited for patients who cannot use the inhaler in the right manner like infants. Doctors say that the medicines that reach the lungs with the nebulizer are known to treat problems which are critical. With the help of a nebulizer, you can avoid problems like respiratory issues.

Leaving asthma aside, the best nebulizer can treat various other issues. Well, a nebulizer can be used by patients who are suffering from problems like bronchitis, allergies, cystic fibrosis, flu, emphysema, sinusitis, and more. The best part about a nebulizer is that it easily dissolves the substances which at times block the airways.

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Here is how a Nebulizer works

A nebulizer is a piece of equipment which dispenses the medication in a form of a spray. It acts as an air compressor which changes the medicines into an air mist. It takes about five minutes for the medicines to reach the lungs. Patients suffering from the problems mentioned above can take this medicine through a mask or a mouthpiece. In addition to this, a nebulizer works wonders for patients who need to take the medicines in a large dose. It is very convenient for them as you will be at ease in no time.

In a time of an emergency, it is always better to use a nebulizer because it is easy to use. All you have to do is sit at home and breathe either through the mask or the mouthpiece whereas the use of an inhaler required some practice and knowledge. When it comes to the nebulizer, the medicine reaches the lungs straight away whereas an inhaler, it takes some time.

A nebulizer needs to be charged whereas an inhaler does not need to be charged. In addition to this, a nebulizer is a bit heavy and you cannot take it everywhere whereas you can carry the inhaler with yourself. Secondly, a nebulizer is a bit expensive as compared to the inhaler.

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