Is a Tomahawk Steak Worth It?

Dinner at a steakhouse usually allows you to explore various high-quality cuts of steak. From steak-inspired appetisers like steak carpaccio or steak tartare to entrees like a filet mignon or ribeye, you can indulge in varying levels of tenderness and flavour. However, if you’re looking for a great steak you can share, you should consider giving a tomahawk steak a chance. If you’re unfamiliar with this cut, read on to find everything about it and see if it’s worth sharing!

What is a Tomahawk Steak?

Tomahawk steaks are hard not to spot. This steak cut is easily identifiable by its distinct shape resembling a Native American tomahawk axe, which inspired its namesake. Like the weapon, this steak is quite formidable.

Unlike other steak cuts, a tomahawk is a rather hefty cut of steak. Many usually share one tomahawk steak since they’re two inches thick and can weigh between 30 and 45 ounces. That’s a lot of beef! Yet, what part of a cow does such a large cut exist?

A tomahawk cut of steak is found from the fore-rib with the entire bone left. It’s considered a ribeye because of its location. But, tomahawk cuts distinguish themselves by how it’s cut according to the thickness of the rib bone.

What Makes Tomahawk Steaks Delicious?

If you know someone with a big appetite, sharing a tomahawk steak would be quite the treat! Yet, what does it have going for itself beyond its unique shape and huge portion size? Does it truly justify how pricey these cuts of steak can be? Beyond those key features, a tomahawk steak is also incredibly tender and flavourful – another added value it inherently has for itself.

Yet, what makes this steak cut so delectable? Well, it all comes down to where tomahawk steak cuts are located.

Tomahawk steak cuts are from two muscles outside the steer’s rib cage that run along both sides of the spine. These parts of a cow are used only a little. Therefore, they’re naturally tender and soft, promoting plenty of intramuscular fat. From so much marbling, it results in a steak cut with a rich, buttery flavour that practically melts into your mouth.

Any steak cut rich with marbling is costly. Naturally, that’s the case for a tomahawk steak. It’s no surprise – especially with how big of a steak cut you can get from it!

Trying Out Tomahawk Steak: Should You?

Considering how pricey tomahawk steaks can be, it makes sense to wonder whether it’s paying for it. There is no real clear answer to this. There is no denying this steak cut has inherent value. After all, you get both high-quality and high quantity with a tomahawk steak. A delicious flavour and tenderness like no other – but lots of it!

If anything, a tomahawk steak is worth trying in one of two scenarios.

Firstly, if you have a big appetite, you can take on the challenge of eating this huge slab of steak. Depending on what steakhouse you go to for one, sometimes these steakhouses give awards or discounts if you finish one in a certain amount of time.

Alternatively, you can always share a tomahawk steak to avoid being full beyond belief. Sharing a tomahawk is what makes it worth trying the most. After all, you and someone else can experience trying out a decadent steak cut without it all going to waste.

Furthermore, you wouldn’t have to worry so much about the cost of a tomahawk steak.Instead of paying full price, you can split the cost between you and the other person. In this way, you can enjoy a great steak without completely breaking the bank. If anything, trying a tomahawk steak is worth trying out to make your own judgement on it.

Any steakhouse you go to, you can certainly expect a tomahawk steak is available on their menu. Its popularity stems from its unique shape, immense sizes, and of course, its amazing taste and tenderness that isn’t easily replicated. With these factors in mind, it further reinforces its value reflected in its high price. That said, only you can decide whether this steak cut is worth the cost by trying it out yourself.