Is Cream Cheese Safe for Dogs?

Dogs are wonderful animals to have around. They are playful, loyal, friendly, and provide us with security. You can never feel lonely with a dog around your home, especially if you have established a cordial relationship. Feeding your dog is paramount to keeping it in good health. Being a carnivore by nature, you must give it the right food in the right quantities, although we often share our human food with our canine friends. Some of these foods may harm these dogs. Read on if you want to know if dogs can eat cream cheese. 

Cream cheese would affect your dog depending on how much you feed your dog this food. Cheese cream is perfectly safe for your furry friend, as long as you give it to him or her in moderation. There will be some negative effects on the dog’s health if you give it more than it’s necessary. You need to watch your dog’s reaction when you give it cream cheese to determine how much to give it since different dogs will react in different ways. Young dogs produce an enzyme called lactase that helps digest lactose, so it can be safe for such to have more, unlike the older dogs. 

Effects on Dogs

A lot of cheese cream contains high-fat content that can cause diarrhea and digestive problems. The fat can also make your dog be obese and impede its normal activities. It will be lazy and slack and can even die. Lactose can cause allergic reactions to dogs that are lactose intolerant. High-fat content can also cause pancreatitis and intestine issues. So, you need to be very careful when feeding your dog with this product. Remember, some cheese contains onions and garlic that are not good for your dog.

What is Safe?

Your dog is natural a canine, and it is recommended that you feed him a canine diet. However, since you live with him and he seems to like cheese cream, then ensure that is low-fat cheese like cottage and mozzarella. These contain less lactose and low fat and would be beneficial to your dog. 

What are the Benefits?

The fat contained in cream cheese is a good source of dietary calcium. This calcium is good for healthy bones and teeth. Your dog needs healthy bones for strength and strong teeth to feed to maintain its health. The fats also help absorb soluble fats like vitamin A. Furthermore, fat provides energy, necessary for your dog to remain active and healthy. You would not want a dog that is sluggish and sleeping around. Dogs are usually cheerful and jumpy, a nature that makes them fun to be around. 

Your dog benefits from vitamin A, proteins and calcium contained in the fat from the cream cheese. One cardinal rule is that you have to moderate the amount of cheese you give to your dog. A lot of it will lead to serious health problems, a little will go a long way in improving its health.