Is Divi Builder is The Best WordPress Page Builder?


Divi page builder redefines the traditional way of building websites with its unique approach and functionalities. The user-friendly frontend interface helps customize your layout and page designs to your preference. Unlike most drag and drop software, Divi has improved features when it comes to the visual site builder. 

With a complete customization process, you can have full control of the panel where you want your elements, widgets, or use templates to work faster. With a myriad of options to include, ease of use, affordability, elegant themes, and ability to create dynamic websites, no wonder Devil is a must-try builder. 

Compatibility with any WordPress theme should also take into consideration. Though Divi page builder works perfectly with the Divi theme, you can have them both included in a package. Either you purchase the Divi theme or page builder, you get this two incredible software together. That alone is a great deal you should never miss. 

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When it comes to close competition, Elementor is always on the shadow of this page builder. Web developers find Divi’s cynical features quite a challenge first, but as you advance with the interface and settings, you can quickly get used to it. 

Divi Page Builder Features 

If you are not familiar or comfortable using shortcodes and want to overcome that aspect, Divi is a good start. While it does not provide complete convenience for beginners, divi compared with elementor builder is most likely to be chosen by professional web developers. With shortcodes, you can duplicate website design and layout seamlessly, which is beneficial for your task or your client’s end. 

To help you decide that Divi is the best WordPress page builder, here are the numerous features you can take advantage:

  • 2-in-1 Package. You’ll get a page builder and the WordPress theme in a bundle.
  • Perfect For Frontend Editing. It offers intuitive settings you can start from scratch and progress until you get familiar with it. 
  • It uses codes which are ideal for most professional page developers.
  • Content retains even when you deactivate the page builder/theme. 
  • Pre-made designs and layouts for ease of use. YOu can customize the website from its pre-made stylish and professional-looking templates.
  • Speed and performance can be an inch backwards compared to other page builders, but its functionalities are amazing.
  • A wide array of content modules available to choose.
  • Compatible with almost all WordPress themes. 
  • Compatibility with any plugins, including third-party developers. 
  • Divi has a dynamic support team that gets back to you fast.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee. Divi does not offer a free version, but it guarantees a refund if you are not satisfied with the service.

Benefits Of Using Divi

Divi is professionally competent and has numerous useful features to begin. Nonetheless, it has benefits you cannot shrug off just because it’s using codes for building websites. Here’s a quick rundown of Divi’s benefits.

  • It provides developers with the true meaning of real-time frontend editing. It’s convenient and time-savvy. 
  • The user-friendly interface enables you to navigate the software when building dynamic websites quickly.
  • It offers several elements you can choose and work.
  • It offers stunning and easy-to-use pre-made templates ideal for quick layouts and page designs.
  • It offers WooCommerce integration.


There are a few page developers that offer clients a one-time ($249) lifetime access of products and services and Divi is amongst them. If you’re still working out and under surveillance, whether this page builder perfectly fits you, you can opt to try the service with an upfront ($89 annual) payment. They offer a full refund if you’re not satisfied with the service though.

Nonetheless, if you’re an agency and working with plenty of sites, Divi is an excellent choice. It helps enhance your skills with shortcodes and provides a wide array of ready-made templates for total ease of use.


Divi is a versatile and flexible page builder. It’s not as fast compared to Elementor, but it surely is not slow. It offers substantial theme flexibility and dynamic page performance enhancements to optimize your website. 


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