Is Instagram able to detect when followers are bought

Different people use viewer bots, buy followers (comprare follower), auto likes, and all types of shady services which might end up giving them a bump when it comes to rating or rising of online profiles. Instagram is known to be one of the many social media platforms where it also happens.

But who does go for the fake followers? In most instances, fake business profiles utilize fake followers. Less often, some real people try to make a name online for them using auto likes or buying followers if they lack the means of attracting new ones on their own.

Other situations also include businesses that are starting up which don’t have other means to get noticed fast. And you don’t have to be surprised if you start hearing that there are celebrities that boost their Instagram accounts following by using bought followers.

It is a known fact that people tend to follow profiles that are popular with several followers, ad this doesn’t make sense when doing business. But there are various ways of such a thing backfiring even while on Instagram

Is it possible to be banned by Instagram for buying followers?

The good thing is that Instagram does not ban accounts for having to buy followers. the same policy does apply to having to buy auto likes. But, there is one thing which might happen. You might lose the followers whom you bought.

Depending on the place where you bought your followers from, this might be a disaster financially for your own business. providers who are high-end for followers, as well as auto likes, do charge a premium price, but they are known to issue no refunds if something goes wrong.

So in case, Instagram does not issue bans for having used fake likes and followers, how does it react to such? Instagram will end up limiting your exposure. You might think that when you have so many following it will be enough to make your profile page go popping up on the feeds of other people, but that isn’t the case always.

There are certain hidden rules regarding growing an organic following. It denotes that, to have real people follow you using their actual profiles. Some fake profile sellers might have more products that are authentic but if you try scratching further below their profile picture, you will find that there are fewer comments, making it easy to spot a fake profile.

In case of serious abuse being detected by Instagram, where you have over 1000 fake followers, then several things are likely to happen. There is a chance of your account receiving limited exposure meaning, your profile will end up being treated as if it doesn’t have 1000 and above fake followers.

Another thing that is likely to happen to you is that Instagram could decide to suspend or delete the fake accounts.

Getting away with it

The best way to go about all this is by avoiding using fake followers and the services for auto-like providers. On the other hand, if it is a must that you do this so that you raise your profile for some time, you will want that you pay a premium to be sure that the fake profiles will be able to handle any background check conducted on them.

Ensure that the followers who you buy do some log activities every week. You will also want to ensure that you increase the activities that you have on your Instagram. There isn’t an easier way of getting out than having no activity and having a growing number of fake followers.

It is not always easy to spot bought profiles. Certain companies place a lot of effort in such pages that you will see several photos uploaded, personal information, and a great ratio of 1:10 between the number of pages which they follow and the number of accounts that are following them.

You might come across one of the profiles without even knowing. But, such followers which are foolproof come at high prices, and that is the reason why only companies and celebrities utilize them.

You can as well try to stall by purchasing followers who have an average profile completion and small activity, but with profile settings that are super-private. This needs to make it hard for your actual followers to do any research on you. alternatively, to be tied to a lot of private profiles might also mean that you are hiding something.  It is a method that might work or fail to work in your favor in the long run. Even so, It’s crucial to let you know that you can see private accounts on Instagram by tools like IG private viewer.


At the end of it all, you don’t have to worry about Instagram having to ban your account or try to make your life quite miserable just because you have bought a few followers and likes for using to raise your profile. But, you might want to consider going for your real followers.

The fake profile checks on Instagram are not always on point, and thus, at times you could get away with yours very easily. Alternatively, real people who have a lot of time on their hands and an ax for grinding with you could still be too fast on you regarding the fake accounts.

You only require a few clicks and small research to find out if a profile is fake or real. To be associated with something such as this might cause big damage to your popularity as well as your credibility.

So when you decide that you want to go for the fake followers, you have to ensure that you consider all the pros and cons and weigh them before you make your final decision. With that said, it will be easier to build your followers organically by having to post interesting stuff on your Instagram so that your current followers can share and attract other followers on your page. 

At the end of the day, it is you who will be able to tell which followers are fake and which ones are genuine. Instagram algorithm will also at some point flash out the fake followers, so be wary of that as well.