Is it better to spray or brush paint furniture?

It is common for anyone to be confused if they should use a spray or brush paint for furniture. This confusion is common with people who are beginners to painting. DIY painting is often a tricky choice if you do not know your basics. However, learning is not something that cannot be done before you begin. There can be a lot of argument as to which method is an ideal choice. While some people may say that traditional painting in brush is better there are others who say otherwise. Technology has improved in such a manner that using a spray gun for painting is more common.

However, if you are in a dilemma, we look at the various pros and cons of each of them. This would give you a fair idea on which one you should opt for. Each one of it has its own limits and advantages. There also comes a question of what you wish to paint and choose the method accordingly. We shall take a look at all these things so that you can choose what best applies for you.


Spray painting a furniture is comparatively much faster when compared to painting with a brush. The process in itself is faster as you just fill the reservoir and begin spraying away. However, with a paint brush you would have to immerse it in the paint and brush away. Then do it all over again until you are done with the entire part of the furniture. Moreover, with spray painting the job is faster as it dries faster when compared to painting with a brush.

Covering different areas

With a spray paint it is easier to cover areas that the brush is not able to reach. For example; you can reach crannies, nooks that are intricate, spindles, and small pieces. With a paint brush you can still reach them but with great difficulty. This is something that you would always have to keep in mind while differentiating.

Cleaning up process

When you are using a brush to paint it becomes indisputable that cleaning is difficult post the painting process. This is due to the spillage on the floor and other areas including the trays. Brushes, buckets, and rollers may also require cleaning if you use them. However, with a spray paint you can easily avoid all these things. The spray gun along with the reservoir are the things that need to be cleaned. Apart from this you would not have to take the pains to clean anything else.

However, this is just the case if you cover the area where you plan the painting process with something. Cardboard or plastic sheets might be good options to cover and dispose after completing the painting work.


To get the ultimate coverage it is considered that spray painting is a better choice. When you use a brush to paint furniture you would have to keep going up and down. The same is not the case with spray painting as you can do one coat in either a vertical or horizontal line. With this process you are able to cover a vast area while using a spray gun.

Weather matters

It may be a very bad idea to use the process of spray painting during a day that is windy. You would end up painting everything else than the furniture that you wish to have painted. However, on windy days you can choose to use a brush and a paint can. This would mean that you paint only the surface of the furniture and not anything else. You can still paint furniture in your garage during a windy day. This is because the wind is not likely to affect your painting when done indoors.


If one wishes to have supreme control over the painting process then using a brush is ideal. This is because you control the area that has to be painted. It is highly unlikely that you are able to do the same with a spray paint gun unless you are a pro. For beginners it is an easier option to use a brush rather than a paint gun.

Overcoming obstructions

One of the main hurdles that you would be faced with while painting is overcoming obstructions. There would be too many obstructions that has to be overcome when you are painting furniture. With a paint brush this can become even more tasking. However, with a paint brush you can overcome these obstructions with relevant ease. Spraying paint in remote parts of the furniture is much easier than using a brush for the same.

Drying process

When you use a paint brush to paint furniture the process of drying takes a long while. However, this is not the case when you choose to use a spray paint gun for painting. The entire process of drying is much faster when compared to painting with a brush. While drying after using a paint brush you may also leave brush marks on the surface of the furniture. If this happens you would have to use a different process to remove the marks and apply a recoat. Hence, to avoid this process people choose to use a spray paint option for their furniture.

Finishing process

The finishing process requires much more time when done with a paint brush. However, after spraying paint using a paint sprayer you would not take as much time to do the finishing process. There are also different tools that might be required to for the finishing process to be complete with brush painting. With spray painting you would just require a sanding sponge for this purpose.


To conclude it is safer to say you can choose to use both the available options for painting. While using the spray painting for difficult to reach areas and brush painting for surfaces of easy access. Doing this you are able to make sure you are getting the best out of both the world of painting. You are able to hit a right balance between using spray or brush painting. However, it is a personal choice for one to choose the option that ideally suits them best. As painting with a brush may suit some as opposed with using a spray gun might suit others.