Is it important to have a good IELTS score to study in the UK?


The International English Language Testing System test is conducted to judge the English language proficiency of the aspirants who wish to work or study in the UK or in any other country where the language is used as the dominant means of communication. With an increasing number of individuals aiming to study in the UK, IELTS has become one of the most popular English language assessment tests taken by the aspirants planning to study in an English native country.

IELTS is given by those people who seek educational and job opportunities in English-speaking countries so that understanding the job prospect or course content can become easier for them. The students giving this test enhance their chances of getting a student VISA as compared to the ones who lack a good score in IELTS. Also, the individuals must take a note that it is only the English Language Test accepted by UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) for visa applicants who have applied for the universities located within and outside the UK. The candidates’ score of this test is accepted in the majority of the universities located in the UK and Australia, Canada universities along with many other institutions and colleges located on other English speaking countries.

Why Ideal IELTS Score is Important to study in the UK?

The universities located in the UK at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, consider IELTS scores to judge the individuals’ ability to understand the course (taught in English) through this test. Even many other non-English speaking countries need IELTS scores especially for the courses whose medium of instruction is English. The minimum IELTS criteria differ from each university to university and the applicants must fulfil the minimum eligibility criteria to study in the UK. The students having an ideal IELTS score have higher chances of getting admission at the universities as compared to the ones who have a lower IELTS score. Even in case, your overall IELTS score falls short of the minimum criteria by 0.5, then also the candidates would be denied admissions.

It is important for the students to check the minimum eligibility criteria at the university in which he/she is applying to achieve their dream of study in the UK. The students must start preparing for IELTS from the starting only so that they can enhance their English language skills and ace the preferred program in an effective manner. There is no doubt to the fact that getting a good score in the IELTS exam will not only increase the student’s confidence but will help them pursue the courses without any linguistic hurdles.

Ideal IELTS score of Top Universities located in the UK

To offer a better understanding of the candidates regarding the different IELTS score requirements by the universities, beneath is a breakdown summary of a few of the top universities to study in the UK.

Country Name of the institution World Rank IELTS Minimum requirement (UG) IELTS Minimum Requirement (PG)
UK Oxford University 1 7.0 7.5
UK University of Cambridge 2 7.0 7.0
UK Imperial College London 9 7.0 7.0

There is much difference in the IELTS score required by the universities as well as among programs within each institution. The candidates planning to study in the UK are advised to check the individual program application requirements so that they can check the level required.

How is the IELTS Score Calculated?

There are two types of scores in the IELTS exam one is the overall Band Scores and is Sectional Band Scores. Under the Sectional band scores, the test-takers will be given marks as per the section, while the Overall Band Score will be the average score of all the sectional band scores. The individuals giving the IELTS exam to study in UK will be marked from 0 to 9 for both overall and sectional scores. The Overall band scores will always be rounded off to the next half or whole band. For instance, in case your average score is 6.25 then it will round off to 6.5. To break it down further, suppose you get a score of 6 in writing, 3.5 in the listening test, 4.5 in reading, and 6.5 in speaking, then to calculate the average score, all the scores will be first added and then divided by 4 which will give you 5.125. On rounding off the score, 5.0 will become the overall IELTS band score of the candidates who plan to study in the UK.

IELTS is one of the most important examinations for the candidates who plan to study in the UK or in other English native countries including the US, Canadian, Australian universities, etc. Getting an ideal score is much important for the students as it increases their chances of getting admission to a foreign university of their own choice. Language Testing Exam is a must to get admission in English speaking countries. Whether you are planning to do graduation or post-graduation IELTS is a mandatory exam to enter the country for all kinds of educational career purposes. So book your IELTS test now, and start preparing for the test at a full-swing so that you can study in UK and can give wings to your dreams!!

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