Is It Possible to Reverse Global Warming? The Truth Nobody Is Telling You


It’s fitting that two of the most driving cultural phenomenons of the past 20 years are zombies and superheroes. Each represents a spectrum of what it is humans want, avoiding the creeping fear of doom and rescue by a power that they can’t understand.

These two narratives also miss something in a fight like the one to reverse global warming. Zombies come on slowly but are defeatable with the right aim or virus. Superheroes save the world by punching the thing creating the problem.

There is no single, one shot, one bad guy solution to climate change. Instead, it’s a mountain of people making slow changes and enduring the effects they’ve already wrought.

It’s a war of attrition, and humanity, quite frankly, isn’t great at those.

Efforts to Reverse Global Warming

Despite the somber tone that has been set, there are still steps that can be taken. No matter how much humanity sucks at attrition, it makes up for that shortcoming with its capacity for hope.

The Carbon Spectre

If you’ve ever been in a conversation about climate change and been asked how to reverse global warming, you’ve probably talked about carbon.

You might have also talked about things like albedo, volcanoes, and axial tilt.

Breaking down why each of these has nothing to do with anthropogenic climate change gets tiring so suffice it, humans can only affect one of these things. So that’s the one we’re going to deal with.

You can follow the efforts of professional organizations dedicated to carbon removal and renewal by checking out the Climate Leadership Council LinkedIn Profile.


Capturing carbon needs to be done to reduce the elements already in the atmosphere. Mostly carbon comes from two sources: steady sources and diffuse sources. Each requires a different solution.

For diffuse carbon trees and plant life do the heavy lifting. These pull carbon out of the air and convert them to usable oxygen and compounds. While cheap, they take up space and space itself has a value attached to it.

For steady sources, like factories and power plants, the idea is to harness the carbon created as by-products and convert it into something useful. Ideally fuel for energy producers or materials.


The creation of concrete requires a lot of energy to melt down limestone. The mining of which also has a large footprint. New technology looks to turn captured carbon into concrete.

This type of thinking results in a three-part win. Fewer resources are needed, less carbon is created, and carbon in play is taken out.

Greener and Greener

Formulating ways to reverse global warming is only the start. Each method created needs to be instigated and carried out to reap benefits. Even if you can’t participate in the efforts, you can clear resistance and roadblocks by staying informed.

Keeping talking about the problem and pitching solutions and eventually, it will be easier to help you than fight you. In the meantime, keep coming back here for more information on green efforts worldwide.

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