Is it Safe to Buy Fine Art Online?


The idea of buying fine art online might not even be considered by many, but the simple fact is, if one can buy a brand-new car online without issues, why not art? Online transactions and purchasing are simply just another medium by which people can exchange value. The key factor is making sure of two things: what is being bought is indeed authentic, and the forum in which the exchange happens can be trusted. If these two factors are taken care of, then buying fine art through digital channels is no different than buying by traditional means.

Is it Safe to Buy Fine Art Online?

There’s no question that a lot of fraud risk exists. And, where there is considerable value involved, which fine art definitely has, the risk increases exponentially. No surprise, on platforms where there is little monitoring and control, we have a lot of problems with scams, online fraud, and outright theft. That said, these past issues don’t define the industry. Where selling platforms and auction houses have invested resources and time into creating safe channels for art purchasing, the risk is minimal and the opportunities for investment are growing significantly. Folks just need to remember a number of key points.

How do you Know if Art is Legit?

Always do your own research. This first step can’t be emphasized enough. While respectable forums and venues won’t post art pieces that aren’t certified and confirmed, it’s not a perfect world. Ultimately, it’s the buyer’s responsibility to fully vet out what he or she thinks is being bought, how it was procured, sourced, and made available. If something smells fishy, it probably is. With the online environment, there are a lot of ways a buyer can research options and possibilities, but it takes some effort and personal work. Check out the seller and make sure they have a long-standing reputation established online. Utilize free sources such as commentary found through search engine searches, look up business records of the seller, and research the artist involved as well. Steer away from sellers and pieces that are brand new or have just been established in the last six months. More than likely, they are not known and worse, they could be traps.

Is it OK to Buy Art Prints Online?

Yes, there is nothing illegal or problematic about purchasing art prints online from a licensed seller and when buying the authentic product. As a type of protection, it’s usually best to use a recognized third-party payment processor to handle the transaction versus dealing with any kind of direct connection to your bank account. First, this avoids any kind of back-channel ability to tap directly to your bank account. Second, a third-party processor, usually in the form of a credit card or online payment account intermediary, gives you a layer protection in case some kind of fraud does occur. Third, payment processors maintain a significant amount of records about a transaction, which comes in very handy for law enforcement and proving what happened.

Buying prints legitimately is quite doable online, you just want to consider how to protect your interests as a buyer as much as possible. Avoid dealers who don’t have recognized payment tools.

Additionally, you may also want to consider how a print is going to be delivered to you. Shipping, insurance and special courier services can be expensive, and that cost is not included in the value of the print or artwork as your investment (i.e., it’s a total loss). So, if you feel online is the best method possible for your needs, make sure you’ve also considered all the transit costs involved as well when considering the price of a desired print or work as well.

Is it Smart to buy Art Online?

Again, if a buyer does their personal research, utilizes steps to make sure their financial activities are protected, and one focuses on the total purchase involved versus just the piece itself, a buyer today could find some very good art investment opportunities or pieces to add to a growing collection. A lot depends on one’s personal wants and situation, but online art can be very convenient, especially for those who don’t have the time or opportunities to travel to the given art gallery that has a particular piece desired. Instead, with an online approach, one can put attention and time into finding the right pieces or prints and then move onto other interests while the purchase is in transit.

Additionally, online purchasing is extremely convenient when a buyer wants to see a broader collection of pieces or prints than what is available from one physical gallery. This is one of the great advantages of online buying; a buyer literally has a far bigger market to work with, which oftentimes produces better pricing and more options.

Utilizing fine art authentication services is essential. Through the examination of comparable sales, you can ascertain the suitable price range for the artwork, providing an accurate understanding of current market trends. You’ll receive fair and transparent art appraisal, enabling you to make well-informed decisions within the art market.

Where can I Buy One of a Kind Art Online?

There are a number of reputable sources for online art, including fine art and prints. is one option that is available, providing art collectors and buyers a unique experience in digital selection of art pieces as well as the convenience of 24/7 browsing and buying. In addition, purchases are fully protected and transported with quality services and courier protection, moving from sales to your home or office at your convenience. The experience with really brings the art experience into the 21st century.

If you are thinking of displaying the fine art prints that you’ve purchased, you may read our top tips for styling fine art prints in your home.



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