Is It The Price For Gucci Products That Sets It At The Top-Tier?


We all know luxury brands are associated with social status. In fact, it has become synonymous with elegance and glamour. No one can deny the fact that we are residing in a commodity-image system. In other words, our values and satisfaction revolve around the materials we use in our daily life.

Now, if someone owns a Gucci double G belt, which cost whopping money; is it just because of the name or the trend? Definitely not! An industry like Gucci doesn’t stand out because of its exorbitantly pricy products. To put it cut and dry, people get the top-notch products for spending on an expensive brand.

There are numerous brands in the luxury market. We can rank from a low of 10 to a high of 30 in a list by some core criterion, such as- quality, materials incorporated, production outlays, designers, and a few other aspects. Here, we will elaborate on how Gucci always clinches its position at the highest level.

Quality Of The Raw Materials

Gucci has a knack for premium quality materials. It began during the reign of Mussolini when Gucci started to use expensive materials to develop products. Gucci, the founder of the company, started his lather product venture targeting the elite class. And, we can you can realize his success by looking at the eminence of the brand.

Gucci was born to make items from excellent quality materials and serving the higher class. Thus, if you want a Gucci tote bag with a bamboo handle, you will have to shell out a staggering $32k. Collecting the highest quality materials is what makes Gucci loved by huge demography.

Embellishments For The Products

The details or the ornaments Gucci put together in a product are also some of the earth’s spendy materials. For instance, theirs is this Gucci belt for men and women, also known as the Stuart Hughes belt. Anyway, that belt cost $250k, which worth way more money than most people’s homes! Also, there is a precedent for Gucci making one of the most expensive jeans.

So, is it just or the high-quality lather and the fabric of the jeans? No. The belt contains 30-carat diamonds, and the pair of jeans has gold on it. What is more- many of the Gucci accessories have gold, pearls, and some other high-end omelets on them. And, some people would love to own commodities made from quality materials with expensive embellishments on it.

Their Genius Marketing Technique

This is no longer for aristocrats only. Millennials are the top fans of this brand nowadays. They spur their sales with terrific digital marketing.  We can draw Gucci’s pictorial project examples, such as as- #GucchiGram, #TFWGucci, and Gucci Hallucination. Mainly, what they did is- utilizing the meme-trend by including their new creations. Some say it was risky marketing, and some say it was truly genius. Also, some people scoff at their attempts. Yet, they were successful, and it proliferated the sales to a significant amount. They knew how to connect with the new generation. As a result, even if someone doesn’t buy a Gucci hat right away, they are at least in touch with the brand.

Moreover, in their commercial, you will see countless historical anecdotes that appeal to the classic Italian culture. Also, they involve themselves in world-class occasions like wine testing, vintage car racing, polo, and so on. Association with these events is undoubtedly effective as the marketing strategy.

Progressive Fashion Choices

Fashion is to express ourselves, and Gucci is aware of that. We already explained how Gucci engaged young people with their marketing strategy. But, there is more to it! Gucci is focused on making items that go with the time. There is a substantial amount of the population who gravitates toward gender-flute fashion, and Gucci has that. You might know about loafers from Gucci. These Gucci shoes have the same designs for men and women.  Besides, people are stirring towards eccentric, chic choices. Overall, this brand promotes one’s true identity and self-respect.

The Designers And Their Effort

Gucci engages the most avant-grade designers for developing accessories. Their effort and ideas are invaluable. For some of the designs, they take more than one month to create nothing but the best one. To be honest, their designs are arts. Also, they make sure that the ideas they generate are exclusive. As a result, Gucci is capable of making unique products. And, who does want to own something singular?

Flawless Artisanship

Yes, they have brilliant designers but let’s not forget about the contribution of other counterpart. All the products and accessories from Gucci has handcrafts on them. Any intricate designs or small area stitches you see on a Gucci wallet purse are done by workers’ nimble hands. This is one of the things that makes Gucci stands out in the luxury market.

On A Final Note

Gucci can assure the quality products, exclusivity, and timeless fashion among all the status brands. Gucci is expensive, and it’s a fact. The idea is that their items worth every penny. People who can afford a Gucci product are not just paying to maintain their image in society. The products can be considered as a set of collectibles as they are getting damaged any soon! Now, you know why Gucci products are always on the highest ranking.

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