Is It Time for Your Commercial Roofing Inspection?


When we think about commercial buildings, we think about large businesses and factories, schools, large shopping centers, etc. We think about rugged and durable buildings that are very sturdy. When we see commercial buildings, we think about metal and steel, not wood like we do when we see residential. There’s just a certain aura of toughness that commercial construction puts out. Though is that true, or do our minds just trick us into believing that these buildings are superior? By and large, a commercial building is tougher, but that in no way means that they’re not prone to damage.

Take commercial roofing as a great example. While tough and able to hold a lot of weight and provide tons of strength, this sort of roofing is just as susceptible to damage as any other roofing variety, and so commercial roofs need to be inspected regularly. This is even more crucial when dealing with commercial properties, as you’re so often dealing with places of business, schools, hospitals, etc. So, many people are looking for information about commercial roof inspections and repairs.

How Often to Inspect a Commercial Roof

Most experts agree that a commercial roof should be inspected every six months, so you’re looking at having your roofing inspected twice per year. Is this set in stone? Not exactly. Business people are very busy, and inspections are often overlooked. However, this is not a good thing to do. Commercial roofs, being flat, hold a lot of weight and are very susceptible to becoming damaged. So you should definitely be inspecting that roof every six months or so. The easiest way to go about this is to have the professionals come in to inspect your roof for you. Just give a good roofing company a call, and they will come right out and check out the situation for you. Illinois construction companies are doing roofing and other construction works for all residential, commercial, and industrial-type properties.

The good thing about a professional roofer handling the inspection is that they know exactly what they’re looking at. You might think something looks fine when in reality, you’re dealing with weak material that’s about to give way at any time. The pros can spot this and fix things before they go badly for you.

Signs That Your Roof May Need to be Repaired

If you are going to inspect your roof yourself, then there are some certain things that you need to keep an eye out for. Of course, seeing as you’re not a professional, you won’t be able to catch a lot of the potential problems with your roof. Though here are the most important things to be aware of.

Inside Climate Feels Off

You should definitely be paying attention to how things feel inside. Do you need to run more heat in the winter to keep things warm? Do you have to crank up that AC higher than usual in the summer to cool things down? This is potentially a sign that you have some sort of problem with your roofing. You might have gaps up there that could be letting the elements in, while letting the inside atmosphere escape. If you have this issue, get the pros in right away to check up on the place.

Water Spots/ Damage

Home inspector checking the roof of a house.

Most commercial buildings are going to have some sort of drop-tile ceiling. It’s not like you’re just inside staring up at a roof. So when it comes to inspecting your roof, you’re not only focused on looking at the roof itself but also at this ceiling. Check to see if there is any water damage around any of these tiles. This is the best way to tell if you have a leak. Again, if you do, you will want to get the roofers in there to help.

Visible Signs

When you look at your roof, you’re obviously looking for any visible signs of damage that you can find, but you’re not just looking for huge, gaping holes or anything like that. Look around the roof for spots that look discoloured, spots that look buckled, and any spots that may look off level. It’s not as if every piece of damage is going to be a broken piece of roof. Look around for things that don’t look right. If you find them, call in the pros.

The moral of this particular story is that you’re going to need professionals for any sort of repairs to your commercial roof. It’s a great idea to inspect every six months, but always be ready to have the pros come out to fix things.


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