Is it time you replaced your toothbrush?


When it comes to replacing old or expired personal care items, the toothbrush is usually at the bottom of the priority list.

Most of us find it easy to stay on top of replacing old cosmetics, foods and vitamins – but when it comes to our oral health, we will often keep reusing the same toothbrush for many months – sometimes, even years…

Yep. Years.

Now, whilst we’re not speaking for everyone, many dentists in Reading will tell you that patients admit to only replacing their toothbrush once it is has lost all resemblance to a toothbrush.

So, if you’re not sure when you need to be replacing your toothbrush, we’re here to help.

Don’t let your bristles lose their rigidity

Whilst a brand-new toothbrush will have bristles that are rigid and uniform, one that is way overdue a replacement will have bristles that are fanned out, frayed and broken down. Bristles like this are much less effective at cleaning your teeth and can harbour a wealth of nasty bacteria too!

Use the 3-month rule

Most dentists in Reading will recommend that you replace your toothbrush head once every 3 months or so. This will help to ensure you avoid any excessive wear and tear whilst keeping you safe from harmful germs or fungus that could develop if left too long.

Make sure you keep your toothbrush clean

How often do you clean your toothbrush between uses? We’re willing to bet this is something you’ve never done, as it is an area often overlooked. But did you know that taking a few simple steps can help your toothbrush last longer? Here are a few maintenance tips:

  • Always rinse your toothbrush thoroughly after each use to remove any debris or trapped toothpaste
  • Be sure to dry your toothbrush after rinsing
  • Never store your toothbrush facing down, instead ensuring the bristles are facing up between uses
  • Store your toothbrush head away from other toothbrushes

Be mindful that an old toothbrush could pose a health risk

Consuming goods that are past their best can pose a health risk, and this applies to using an outdated toothbrush. If left in poor condition or for months too long without replacing, any toothbrush can garner harmful bacteria which can cause lasting damage to your gums.

Of course, hygiene alone should be a good motivator to replace an old toothbrush, but if it isn’t – consider the risks of bacteria in your mouth that goes unnoticed until it is too late. These types of germs, if left untreated, can lead to gingivitis, which leads to infection – and could ultimately result in tooth loss.

So – with that in mind, perhaps replacing your toothbrush isn’t too much to think about after all?

Worried about the health of your mouth? Consult a dentist in Reading

If any of this strikes a chord, don’t worry – you’re not alone. The truth is, many people leave it far too long between replacing their toothbrushes, but not everyone will suffer the more serious health risks associated.

If you’re concerned that the health of your mouth may be compromised, we invite you to get in touch with a dentist in Reading who can help to restore your mouth to great health, before it’s too late.

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