Is it worth buying an expensive tent?


A tent is a purchase that can range from $100 to over $1,000 depending on the quality and size of the tent. Is it worth buying an expensive tent? This article will explore some of the benefits of spending money on a more expensive tent.

I know what you’re thinking, but really think about this for a minute. A cheap camping chair and  tent might cost you around $70-130, which seems like a good deal at first glance. But if it falls apart in two days or one season because they are using cheaper fabric material or lower quality poles then your initial savings has turned into an expensive expense because now you need to replace your shelter with something better before next summer holiday!

Are Zempire tents any good?

Zempire tents are very popular right now. There are some people who say they’re the best tent on the market, while others disagree. Regardless of whether you think Zempire tents are any good or not, here is what we found out when we reviewed them.

The first thing that becomes clear upon reading about these Zempire tents is that they really do offer a lot in terms of features and quality for your money. You get an impressive amount of space with these tents, at least enough to comfortably fit 4 adults without feeling cramped. They also come with mesh panels which make it possible for cool night air to flow through the tent so there’s no need to worry about sweating during hot summer nights outdoors with friends and family!

How big of a tent do I need for a family of 4?

It is difficult to plan for an outdoor event without knowing the size of your tent. How many people will be in attendance? What are the sleeping arrangements? These are all questions you need answers to when deciding on what size of tent you need. If it’s just yourself, then a small 2-person backpacking tent would work well. For groups up to 4 people, there are plenty of options with sizes ranging from 6’x8′ (Tent City) up to 10’x10′ (Kelty).

How much does a good tent cost?

If you are looking for a tent, but don’t want to spend too much money, this blog is for you. This post will help by providing the best tents that are cheap and offer great quality. You can find all of these tents on These tents have been rated 4 out of 5 stars!

Are dark tents worth it?

If you’re looking for a tent that offers great protection from the elements, then it’s worth spending the extra money to buy one with darker material. There are tents out there with dark and light material, but if you want your tent to be as waterproof and windproof as possible, go for something like a black or navy blue.

Are air tents good in wind?

Tents are an essential piece of camping gear to have. However, tents can be difficult to set up in high winds or strong gusts. There are some air-inflated tents that will stay firmly planted even when windy outside. These shelters can provide a safe haven during rough weather conditions for you and your loved ones.    So if the forecast is looking ominous, don’t fret! With these great products out there, you’ll be able to enjoy nature’s beauty no matter what.

What does the lantern mean on Coleman tent?

It is said that the lantern on Coleman tents is a symbol of hope. The company founder, W.C. Coleman was inspired by his daughter’s fascination with camping and wanted to create something for her to enjoy when she went out into the wilderness in search of adventure. His goal was to make outdoor adventures easier and more enjoyable for families like his own.

The lantern represents the light inside every person who carries it out there where it’s dark, in order to find their way back home again when they are done exploring this world around them.

How do you blackout a tent bedroom?

There are a few different ways to blackout your tent bedroom. One way is by using heavy-duty aluminum foil on the windows and letting it just hang there, or you can use cardboard boxes taped together with black plastic bags over them for some privacy. You could also get a thick sheet of fabric and drape it over the window so that nobody outside can see in. There are many more ways to blackout your tent bedroom if you have some time to think about it!

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