Is Ontario The Right Place To Retire In?

If you are nearing 65, you would be wondering where to retire in Canada. Ontario continues to be a favourable option for most citizens, considering the city’s overall infrastructure and peaceful lifestyle. In this article, you will know why hundreds of retirees and older adults in Canada prefer Ontario to any other place in the country.

Let’s explore Ontario from the perspective of older adults. Of course, you will get to know the top places in Ontario and where you can enjoy your retired life.

For older retirees who are thinking about eventual retirement home living, click on to learn about the cost of living in Ontario.

About Ontario

Often, retired people call Ontario their ‘home,’ thanks to the mesmerizing green patches, parks, and places of interest around. This happens to be one of the best Canadian provinces to spend your retired life. It is located in the eastern part of the country and houses bustling cities like Toronto.

Besides being Canada’s financial hub, Toronto is the capital of this province. The province has a cosmopolitan culture, and you would appreciate the lifestyle and plethora of amenities around your home. Ontario has an appealing environment to live, that attracts global tourists.

Benefits Of Choosing Ontario As The Place To Retire

Moderate Living Expenses

Housing in Canada is relatively reasonable when you look outside Vancouver or Toronto. However, when you explore places apart from the bustling cities, you will find them affordable indeed. Moreover, the ease of transportation to other parts of the province enhances livability.

Groceries, alcohol, utilities like internet and cell phone, and other expenses in Ontario come at a fair price. Therefore, if your budget is of utmost importance, you will find several places suitable for retirement in this province. Not to forget, Ontario boasts a high standard of living and ensures good access to the rest of the country.

Good Healthcare Facilities

Canada has a robust healthcare system. In Ontario, the healthcare system is provincially managed, and the funds to run the infrastructure are obtained through taxes. Although the provincial healthcare plan does not cover new arrivals for three months, you get to enjoy the benefits after that. Therefore, healthcare would come absolutely free of cost while adhering to the prescribed standards.

Culture In Ontario

When you plan to move to a different province in Canada, you will be worried about your acceptance in the new place. However, Ontario offers a hospitable home for retirees. In addition, the inviting nature of the province would ease up your lifestyle significantly.

The availability of abundant recreational facilities in the province further enhances the quality of lifestyle.

Public Transportation

The Ministry of Transportation manages the transportation infrastructure in Ontario. Therefore, you would find the municipal transportation system divided into specialized and Conventional services.

Specialized services include those that provide door-to-door transportation for people with disabilities. On the other hand, conventional services are the ones meant for the general public and operate over fixed hours.

Moreover, you will benefit from several ride-sharing platforms, such as Uber, in some cities like Hamilton, Toronto, Ottawa, and others.

Recreation And Entertainment

Ontario is an alluring entertainment hub. You would always find something happening in the city. Furthermore, the province’s approximately 10 huge stadiums and arenas host a variety of sporting events and concerts. There is no shortage of entertainment in the city, from funfairs to concerts.

Even beyond the stadiums of Ontario, you have the streets in Ottawa. The Pride Festival in Toronto, held in the summer, is well-known around the world. Then you have the winters of Ottawa, where the city hosts the Winterlude festival. This keeps the folks busy with fun games and activities.

You also have places of interest, such as the CN Tower, Niagara Falls, and Algonquin Provincial Park. Therefore, you can go camping, hiking, canoeing, or simply enjoy time amidst nature in this province.

What Are The Top Places For Retirement In Ontario?


Peterborough is one of the best places for retirees in Ontario. Apart from the large section of the older population in the city, it has lots of activities like fishing or playing hockey. The area is easily navigable due to its strategic placement between Ottawa and Toronto.

In Peterborough, you will come across several retirement communities. Housing too is affordable in this part of the province if you want to enjoy an independent life.


Windsor is a popular city for retirees, located in the southern parts of Canada. If you love sightseeing or shopping, this would be a great place to retire. Located about 4.5 hours from Toronto, Windsor offers a lower cost of living.

Owen Sound

Owen Sound lies to the south of Georgian Bay. It offers scenic beauty and a low cost of living. The city is also home to various events and festivals.


Some other places to retire in Ontario include London, Stratford, Cobourg, and Niagara. Of course, it’s imperative to choose a location where you can enjoy peace, freedom, and comfort.