Is Taking Over a Lease a Good Idea?


When it comes to making a commitment as big as purchasing a car, a store, or a house, there are a lot of questions that come to mind as it’s a very huge financial investment. And what if you’re not the type of person who likes to stick to just one thing the entire time? And what if you can’t currently afford to purchase the car/store/house that you want? Taking over someone’s lease can be an extremely affordable way for you to get to do something like ride the latest car models there are on the market. You pretty much agree with the current lease holder to take over his/her current lease so that you become the lease holder and you become responsible for whatever they were renting for the rest of the duration of that lease. You get the benefits of the lease without the big deposit that’s due at the start of the lease.

This article will walk you through the things to keep in mind before deciding on whether taking over someone’s lease is a good idea or not.

You have to know your future plans before planning on taking over

With every lease, there is a predetermined set of rules that the leaseholder must be aware of prior to taking over someone’s lease. With cars, for example, one of those rules happens to be mileage. The car can’t exceed a certain mileage or you will be charged with kilometer overage. The usual amount set for any car in Canada is around 25,000 kilometers, exceeding that amount will cause additional charges to be added. Before agreeing to take over someone’s lease, you must first make sure that the car’s mileage isn’t already extremely high as you’ll get stuck with extra fees for kilometer overage.

It’s always best to plan ahead and know how long you’re going to need something like a car. Knowing what requirements you’d need from the car in order for you to use it comfortably and knowing an approximate number of kilometers you’re going to travel will make the decision to take on a lease way clearer as you’ll check the car’s mileage to see if the car goes with the requirements that you’re going to need throughout the lease’s duration, and if it doesn’t, then you keep looking for a better deal.

Study the condition of leasing extremely thoroughly

When thinking of taking over a lease, it’s essential to thoroughly study everything about the lease agreement prior to signing any paper. Studying the things mentioned like the condition of what you’re leasing and the terms of the lease will help you avoid getting hit with fees from the most unexpected places. Always triple check what’s written on the agreement to avoid getting stuck with a lease agreement that might cost you so much more than what’s actually written down due to a bunch of hidden fees.

Knowing exactly what you’re in for being what can be the difference between either saving or costing yourself a lot of money. If you’re having trouble deciding what to be considered as a good/bad deal, try to find your answer from other experienced people. This blog post explains the pros and cons of taking over a lease for the cars, you generally want to find pieces of information similar to this in order to gain more clarity to be able to decide whether or not you should think of taking over a lease.

Examine the state of the car/property extremely thoroughly

Before even thinking of taking over any lease, you need to study every single aspect of the condition of what you’re leasing. You need to get a report of the history of the car/property and study it personally along with a check-up from an expert to help you make your decision. You can’t be too sure of the car/property’s condition from the outside or in any pictures, you must always check for any possible thing that might be wrong with it.

When you go to return the car or the keys to the property after the lease has expired, the car/property will be examined for any wear and tear damage. If the condition of it is normal, then you won’t have to deal with much, but if it’s reported as excessive, then your wallet has a real problem to deal with. Understanding both the lease agreement definition of what normal and excessive wear and tear is, along with examining every tooth and nail of the car/property is essential before you go and buy the lease for it.

Examine the situation of the seller

When a person decides to sell their lease, there’s usually a very important motive behind deciding that. The two most common reasons seen as to why someone would want their lease taken over are either they can’t afford their lease anymore due to financial issues and would rather the burden to be lifted, or that they’re not interested in keeping that car/property anymore and would like to get out of their lease so that they can try out another one.

Getting someone to take over your lease is one of the quickest ways to get out of your lease without the costs of breaking the lease agreement, but that doesn’t rule out all possible motives found on why they wouldn’t want to keep the lease anymore. Finding out why exactly someone wants to get out of their lease is necessary because they could have easily racked up a ton of fees that are due once the lease expires. Knowing why someone would want their lease taken over will help you understand the situation way more clearly and be comfortable when taking over the lease.

The current leaseholder might be desperate

Being the person who’s planning to take over a lease means that you come in from a position of strength when you negotiate. The leaseholders could be facing any number of situations which would make them want to get their hands off of that lease as fast as possible. That only means that as a potential buyer, you have an opportunity to get an extremely good deal from them. They are the ones desperate to get someone to take over their lease as fast as possible, which means you have the upper hand in making the deal so you’ll be able to manage to get a really good price. Prices like those save you so much money in the long run as you already completely skip the big down payment at the beginning of the lease because you’re not leasing it yourself, you’re taking over an already active lease. When you also get a good offer when buying the lease, it would make the price extremely good for the service you’re getting and would save you a ton of money in comparison to any of the alternatives there are to taking over someone else’s lease.

A lease is considered to be a loan in any company’s perspective. In order to be able to get a lease from any company, your credit score has to be considered great, only then can you actually lease any car/property. When taking over someone else’s lease, however, that’s not the case anymore. You would only need a good credit score in order to be able to take over someone’s lease. This means that even if your credit score couldn’t get you a lease with the best terms that comes from the company itself, you’ll still get the same lease but without the credit score that they required.

Getting the leasing benefits

When you’re taking over a lease, you pretty much take ownership of everything that was previously available to the person who sold you the lease. Which means that any benefits that they would have gotten from the lease are now yours. This comes in extremely handy when taking over a car lease as most new cars usually come with a 3-year warranty that lasts for either that period of time or 36,000 miles. Having the benefits that come along with the lease will help you save so much money on things like repairs in the long term as you’ll find that most of the costs are taken care of by the warranty provided. Cases like new cars with a similar available warranty get you the best of deals and end up saving you an extremely large amount of money in comparison to anything else available.

You need to know what you’re getting into

Before you take over a lease, it’s better to know what you gain and what you lose from it. Things specific to either cars or property are available to find on the internet and from people who have experience with taking over the leases. Finding out information from people who have experience in this matter will grant you a lot of insight on how it’s generally like and what you should generally look for or watch out for. Taking over a lease is never a good idea if you’re very new to the whole idea, that’s why you should always seek the advice of someone who knows a good amount about how it generally happens before trying to take over a lease without any experience and ending up with an extremely bad and expensive deal.

You don’t really get to choose for yourself, you settle

A downside of leasing a car/property is that you don’t really get to pick something out for yourself, as you generally just have to find the best deal available at the moment. Choosing the specific type of car or the specific design of the property highly depends on your luck as it’s extremely difficult to get exactly what you want without a large amount of downsides to the deal at hand. Before taking over a lease, you must make sure that you’re okay with the fact that you won’t be getting something brand new, but rather something used with an extremely good price. If you’re insistent on finding the exact thing that you want, you might end up having to wait a long time. Patience is definitely required when thinking of taking over a lease.

The lease transfer must be approved

When trying to get a lease transfer, you’re going to need the consent of the landlord/company that provided the lease in the first place. Even if the original lease allows for things like transferring the lease from one person to another, that doesn’t mean that it can be done without the supervision of the landlord. You generally want to run things from the people in charge to ensure that no future problems arise. When the company or the landlord looks over the lease transfer, they generally charge a bunch of transfer fees that you have to pay for in terms of official papers and whatnot, along with the potential to meet the same requirements as the original renter in terms of credit score and so on. It’s best to always get a written agreement from the company/landlord to keep with you throughout the duration of the lease in case they forget or change their mind later on.

A lease could save you so much money, but it can also cost a lot without the proper research

While taking over someone else’s lease might seem like a generally good idea financially, it can backfire extremely quickly if the matter isn’t taken with extreme precaution. In order for you to save yourself the large amount of money you generally save when taking over a lease, you must be ready to do a large amount of research and work to be able to get yourself a lease without falling for a large amount of hidden costs that you didn’t expect.

You must also prepare yourself to be patient, as the process of finding the right deal for yourself might be very time-consuming. Being in a rush when trying to find a good deal might lead you to hastily making a big mistake and signing a lease you really don’t want to take.

Staying patient and careful through every step of taking over a lease along with always being prepared to do the necessary homework will guarantee you run into the greatest opportunity to save yourself a hefty amount of money.


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