Is The Saint Tropez Hot Tub The Best Spa Buy This Year?


For the ultimate experience in your relaxation moments, a hot tub can be the right choice. A portable spa that you can easily install right in your backyard makes for an excellent choice for a tub. Moreover, a spacious tub would make it ideal for sharing a relaxing moment with family and friends.

Benefits of Spa

The term spa was derived from the Latin term “salus per aqua” having the meaning of health through water. And it is true that going to spas or having a hot tub has numerous health benefits. Some of which includes a better flow of blood across the body as heat widens the vessels. Tight and swollen muscles can also be relieved with a dip in hot water. Several studies also showed that the relaxation state brought about by spas has been known to lower stress level, thus improving our mental state.

Features to look for a Hot Tub

A well known hot tub is the Saint Tropez Hot tub. This review of the Lay Z Spa Saint Tropez provides an in-depth analysis of the Saint Tropez hot tub. It states that among its advantages is that it can comfortably seat six adults, it is exceptionally robust, ideal for the family, and has powerful air jets. But does this spa have the characteristics for it to be your best spa buy this year?

Let’s look at some of the features to look for in a Hot Tub.

Heating and Massage system

One of the key features to look for is a hot tub that includes a rapid heating system and an effective massage system. These two features are of course what makes a hot tub what it is! The hot tub’s pump must be capable of ensuring that the water reaches a temperature of up to 40 degrees Celsius for a satisfying spa heat experience. The heating system must heat up the tub between 6-12 hours, but may vary depending on the capacity of the tub. It is also ideal for the hot tub’s pump to be able to synchronously heat, pump, and filter the hot tub while being non-intrusive for a romantic evening without any noise to spoil the relaxing mood.

Adequate Size and Shape

When choosing a hot tub, consider its size and shape. Think about how many people it can accommodate and the comfort of the people using it. Hot tub shapes include round, square, triangle tubs for corners and even irregular shaped tubs. Round-shaped tubs are more common as it also maximises the space available.

Massage System

Your hot tub experience will not be complete without the massage system. When searching for a hot tub, look for air jets that are powerful enough to maintain the same amount of massaging bubbles for everyone in the hot tub. This is to ensure that you and your guests are all having the same relaxing experience.

Energy Saving Property

Another feature to look for in a hot tub is energy-saving property. This is very useful when to schedule a time for using the tub. Look for a feature that you can set in advance and one that can automatically switch off the heating mechanism when a preferred temperature is met. This is to ensure that you can relax and enjoy your tub without worrying about your electricity cost.

Aesthetics and Lights

Other remarkable features to consider are the lighting system and its effect to tub’s aesthetic appeal. LED lights are remarkable and the best choices for night time relaxation moments. The aesthetic approach of these LED lights makes it very suitable for late-night parties or even during winter nights. The floating LED lighting system can also be the axis of interest among your family and friends at any outdoor social gatherings or parties in your place. Some hot tubs also enable customisation of lights or for users to select from a set of available colours.

Durability and Portability

An important feature is the material used for the hot tub. As the tub is exposed to water jets, heated water and varying weights, it is essential that the tub you select is made of robust material. For inflatable tubs, ensure that you can feel rigid walls when it is inflated, but that it can also be deflated quickly without losing its shape.

The portability of the hot tub is another element to consider. Unlike most traditional spas, inflatable tubs can easily be installed on any garden decking without even using any underfoot reinforcement to support the base. Also think how easy it is to bring anywhere on any extra space in your backyard or even when you are ready to move to a new home.

Installation and Care

Installing a hot tub may be daunting, but there are various hot tubs that can easily be installed without or maybe just a few tools. Some, if not all, have an included instruction guide and some care tips. On this note, select a hot tub that can easily be cleaned and maintained. Look for a design that can easily be cleaned and components that can be removed or replaced for proper cleaning. Be mindful of the hose spigot used to drain the water. Ensure that it is strategically positioned for the complete draining of the tub.

In addition, search for hot tubs with a top lid. These covers can be very useful for instance that you are not using the tub. The covers help you maintain the cleanliness in the water and in securing your tub as well. This top lid can protect the water from unusual specks of dirt, debris, and even roaming cats or other animals. There are also hot tubs that use the cover to help maintain the water’s temperature even when left overnight. But of course, it might need a small amount of heating the next day to reach the optimal temperature.

With the features stated above, (and a quick peek at the Saint Tropez Hot tub’s specifications), we can say that the Saint Tropez Hot tub does provide an edge over other hot tubs. Its adequate size, massage system and heating unit enables you to share relaxing moments with friends. Its lights and the energy-saving feature also add to the appeal of this hot tub. And because of its durability, it makes it quite portable. Moreover, its ease of installation and care will not take much of your time. With all these features of the Saint Tropez, wouldn’t you agree that it’s the best spa buy for this year?

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