Is The South Beach Diet Still Relevant in 2021?

You may have tried different diets, and none seems to work for you. If you have not tried the South Beach Diet, you need to try it as it still works for millions all around the world. Arthur Agatston, M.D., explains in the South Beach Diet book that you do not have to cut fats and carbohydrates entirely from your meal plan to lose weight. The three-step program may have been for his patients to help them lower cholesterol and lose weight in a bid to deal with heart problems, but it can still work for you.

Does South Beach Work?

The diet consists of three phases, with each having a different approach to help you achieve your health goals. The first phase requires you to cut off rice, bread, pasta, potatoes, and fruit. Most nutritionists do not concur with the idea in this phase due to its restriction eliminating fruits.

In the second phase, you start adding what you restricted yourself at first. Once you attain, you can achieve your target weight; you can now move to the third phase. The diet has several options if you wish to join, including the silver, gold, and platinum plans.

You may decide to join the program and enjoy the benefits that come with each package. Alternatively, you can get yourself the book to guide you on several recipes you can make at home. To get the best out of the diet, you need to incorporate exercise into your plan.

Can It Work With People With Health Conditions?

The author of the Special Beach Diet is a cardiologist who wrote the book to help heart patients. Anyone with cholesterol, diabetes, heart, and high blood pressure issues can try the diet. It is, however, good to consult your doctor before trying out any diet.

Does Everyone Stand To Benefit Regardless Of Their Dietary Preferences?

Whether a vegan or vegetarian, you can still enjoy the benefits of the South Beach Diet. You will find vegetarian-friendly meal plans and recipes that allow you to substitute animal products with plant-based products. If you cannot tolerate gluten, you still have a solution.

Most carbohydrates can be excluded from your meal plan, and you can do away with those that contain gluten. Remember to read labels on food packaging to know what you are consuming to be on the safer side.

Is The Diet Affordable?

Deciding to start eating a healthy diet will mean you have to dig deeper into your pocket. The South Beach diet is no exception and can be expensive, but some measures can help you cut costs. You can opt to buy, prepare, and cook your food at home, which will save you some cash.

Besides, buying food is expensive, and if you keep track of all the expenses you incur to make a meal, you can see how much you spend. Choosing a healthy diet may seem costly at first, but cheaper in the long run. You keep yourself fit and keep diseases at bay that would cost you an arm and a leg to treat in a hospital, not forgetting the time wasted receiving treatment.