Is the Tri-State Area an Ideal Place to Live in?


If you’re looking to move to the east coast, you’d be hard pressed to find anything more livable and diverse than the tri-state area. With its perfect mix of verdant and gorgeous parks, farms, bustling urbanity, secluded and calm suburbs, all of which encompass great schools and an enviable arts and culture scene – it’s truly the place to be.

If you’re still on the fence and unclear about whether or not life in the tri-state area is for you, then read on for more information.

First things first

You’re probably wondering what we mean when we say “tri-state area.” Essentially, this consists of three states: New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. All the big cities within each state is relatively close to the other, especially given the ease of transport. These major cities include New York City, Jersey City, Buffalo, Newark, Rochester, amongst a few others – although the ones named here are definitely the most populous. The landscape between the three states runs the gamut, and it is hard to give it a particularly defining characteristic besides the commutable distance between them. There are beach areas, farms and ranches, major cities that are the heart of most of the country’s financial output and entertainment capital, and so on. There are quieter pockets, and while of course property values tend to be higher in the tri-state area, there are many cities and suburbs that give you great value for the money. By researching the areas and understanding your needs, you will be able to assess which part of the tri-state area works best for you.

Proximity to New York City

While you can also live in New York City, it is possible to zero in on another town or city that is close enough yet spares you the headache – not to mention the cost – of actually living in the city. Being close to New York is essential to a plethora of economic opportunities, but given the excellent transportation system, from the Path Train, NJ Transit, to the Grand Metro North, you don’t have to live in the city if you do not have the means or simply want to go to a quieter place in the evening. In the tri-state area, it is possible to have the best of two worlds in terms of economic security and upward mobility, and spending evenings in the tranquility of quaint neighborhoods or suburbs.


Most cities within the tri-state area boast some of the best public schools in the country. Schools in all three states have been well-represented at the national level for the strength of their math and science programs alone, and kids are generally well-prepared for their college years. If you play your cards right, you can find a home in an area with a low crime rate, excellent schools, and proximity to major cities so that you can commute to work easily. In our humble opinion, the tri-state area is a wonderful place to raise kids.

Arts and Culture

Outside of perhaps Los Angeles or Chicago, it’s hard to find any other area in the United States that has more access to film, contemporary and performance arts, theatre, history, music, and so on. Not to mention that the MOMA, Met, and hundreds of other museums are in close proximity. Truthfully, the hectic atmosphere of most of the tri-state area is more than made up for due to the sheer amount of things to do. You will constantly be learning about old and new art movements, different cultures, strengthen your love for things you already enjoy, and generally become more open as an individual and hungry to experience everything the city has to offer.

Transportation system

This has been somewhat of a subtext to everything we already mentioned throughout this article, but just to reiterate: getting around in the tri-state area is fairly easy. Especially when you compare it to other parts of the country where, in public transportation is almost nonexistent. Depending on where you are and your own specific circumstances, you can make do without a car and rely on the massive infrastructure of trains and buses to make your away across all states.

While one shouldn’t always be so idealistic about where to live, the reality is that the tri-state area offers so much diversity in terms of landscape and access to economic opportunity, education, and a rich arts scene that it’s hard not to get starry eyed about it. It’s truly one of the best places in the country, on different counts.

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