Is There A Need To Go By The Hype For Bubble Tea


Most of us love to go by the latest trend. One such trend that the world is catching up with now is the different types of teas in the market. One such trend is that of Bubble Tea or Boba tea. You may make one for yourself or, better still, go for the one from Pearl Lemon Café Boba. This is taking Fulham or the entire London by storm. You might be surprised to note that this tea is currently one of their hot favorites, as they also specialize in coffee.

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room. Is boba tea safe during pregnancy? Of course, this is one of the top questions. But among the other questions, we also need to know if the Bubble Tea hype is merely a bubble?

Health Benefits of Bubble Tea

A Great Choice of Drink

It is not uncommon for women to get morning sickness. But they try to wade through that somehow or the other. One of the best ways is by consuming tea or some other fruity beverage. It would give the mom-to-be and anyone who drinks some energy. Simply put, bubble tea is great for giving you the best start to the day, whether you are pregnant or not.

Tastes Good in Any Way

You might wonder how Bubble Tea is made. It is made with milk or without milk. Many even try adding some condensed milk, some sugar, and syrups. These would increase the sweetness and may not be that great and healthy.

Good for Energy

Whether you are looking for a healthy drink, a high-noon, early evening, or even a midday snack, this boba tea is a great alternative. The boba pearls are made of tapioca and have no nutritional value. Also, you can expect around 100 calories when you have one-fourth of a cup to drink. However, this is also why you have this tea if you aim to get some energy. 8 ounces of Bubble tea might carry 28 grams of sugar and carbs that also can contribute to your energy intake.

Reduce Stress

We all have tremendous stress everyday. A lot of what we eat can reduce or stabilize stress levels too. It carries the same base as green tea and can help calm your heart and mind. It can help reduce the chance of developing heart disease, stroke, or stress.

Improves Mood

Ask any tea lover, and they will admit that their cup of hot tea can boost their mood. However, the Boba tea can help in a great mood as it also fights free radical damage and reduces stress. You will find it a great way to start and keep the day moving. A pregnant woman who might not feel great about having anything might still find it delicious.

Nevertheless, please consult a doctor before having Boba tea in case you are a little skeptical about it during your pregnancy. Enjoy the drink in any way and make the most of it too!

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