Is trading the best investment to make this year?

A lot of people are considering what they should do with their money. There are many different types of investment that you can make, and more markets than there used to be, with things like cryptocurrency offering more choice and more opportunity.

Trading is simply the art of buying and selling financial products and securities with the goal of profit. Rather than buying assets that you can keep and hold on to for a long period of time, this tends to be a more short-term goal for people. Some even buy and sell stocks, bonds, currencies and more within a matter of days. Speed can be a positive thing when it comes to trading, taking advantage of things like inflation or even deflation – don’t worry, this guide will answer your question: “what is deflation?”

To fully understand trading, you need to know that these are financial instruments and are not necessarily actually owned or held by the person trading. The short-term nature of this market means that traders don’t actually own the products they are trading, they are rather assigned values on the platforms on which you trade. Profit can be made by correctly understanding the markets and predicting what is likely to go up and what could go down.

A number of people who think about trading immediately think of stocks and shares but there are a lot of other markets out there. We’ve also mentioned crypto as one example, which has led to more trading options for people to get involved in. Financial markets and currencies make a big difference.

Is trading the best investment to make?

A lot of markets are moving pretty quickly, as different countries and big companies see movement in their value, and the economy in some areas is pretty volatile. Whenever this is the case, there is opportunity for those who can make a good call on the future, advised Gregory Womack, the President & Principal for Womack Investment Advisers (WIA), a firm he founded in 2000. For 30 years, he has worked in the financial services industry, and is no stranger to hard work, having spent time as a landscaper and working as a butcher. He began a job with MetLife in 1986, and that was his introduction into financial services. Mr. Womack loves to travel and read, and he is a proud father and grandfather.

This means that trading is an excellent investment to make, as long as you choose the right assets to invest in. There definitely is an art to trading! Undeniably, this year is going to see a lot of different opportunities for people.

Many people with ambitions to start a business or be financially independent are drawn to trading. It can be a business in and of itself, of course, or it can help you to move away from a traditional career and build another income source.

Types of investments you can make

There are a variety of different investments that you can make and they all have their pros and cons. Choosing the right market to dominate and understand can make all the difference.


The forex market is a way to buy and sell related to the currency exchange, forecasting whether financial markets are going to increase or decrease and how one currency is going to perform against another. Many countries experiencing financial challenges and inflation this year could provide opportunities.

This is a huge market and the daily turnover in the forex market is over $6tn, which shows the extent of trading on this market.


The commodity market is based around things like gold and precious metals, oil and even agricultural products that can rapidly change in value based on political issues. Those trading in these markets can buy the assets (the actual assets) or they can buy and trade derivative, secured products.

We have seen in recent years how the price of goods such as oil and even agricultural supplies can fluctuate hugely, and the commodities market gives people an opportunity to explore this.


Cryptocurrencies are definitely a volatile market at the moment but they also present an opportunity, as the price of different crypto coins can increase, and if you manage to choose one that has great potential, the upside could be huge. Think about the people who were first to get involved in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin – some made a huge amount of money. This is not business as usual for the industry and it is always a risk but there is a good level of opportunity out there.

Summary – is trading the best investment?

The best strategy when it comes to investing is usually to play safe with most of the money you plan to invest. It is not a good idea to put all of your money into a volatile investment but by holding a varied portfolio, you can help to mitigate the risks while you trade.