Is Your Pillow Case Causing Acne: 6 Ways You Can Help


If we are all being honest, nothing quite beats lounging around in bed all day long. In fact, when the pandemic began two years ago, most of us probably found ourselves living on our beds—we’d not only sleep there but also work from there, eat there and binge watch Netflix from there.

While our beds are a safe haven that can provide us with a ton of comfort, there is another side to the story that you need to be aware of. Spending too much time in bed is not only bad for your skin, but also can cause acne.

Think about it, our skin is full of oil and dirt that can really pile up on our sheets and pillows. So if we do not wash them, then it can cause some serious havoc on our skin.

No one wants to go through life dealing with acne. This is why we are here to help ensure you can both enjoy your time in bed and also prevent acne from breaking out on your skin in the future. We have rounded up all the things you can do to ensure you get some true beauty sleep and wake up with glowing skin that you feel great in.

1. Get Better Pillow Cases

Not only is it important to clean your pillow cases, but it is also equally important to purchase pillowcases that are quality made and designed to help your skin. There are some amazing brands that have created pillow cases that literally stop you from sleeping on bacteria and are designed specifically to prevent acne. But not only that, the fabrics used to create a cooling sensation that is equally comfortable to sleep on.

Regardless of what pillow case you use, you should also be washing your pillow cases every couple of days to prevent buildup.

2. Wash Your Face Before Bed

Another way to prevent excess dirt and oil from even getting to your pillow in the first place is to wash your face. But we aren’t just talking about splashing some water and soap on your skin. We are talking about properly washing your face where you scrub out the bad stuff and equally moisturizing and cleansing your pores.

The best way to wash your face before bed is to first wet your face with warm-ish water. Then, you will want to get a cleanser that your dermatologist has recommended and gently rub into your skin through a circular motion. Once this is done, make sure to rinse off all the cleanser and softly pat it dry.

3. Understand Your Skin

Not all skin is created equal. In fact, we all have uniquely different skin. Some is naturally dry while others are naturally oily. This is important to understand because it means that different people will need different solutions for stopping acne breakouts. If you are unsure what type of skin you have, chat to a dermatologist to get them to assess and also recommend the skincare products you should be using.

Once you understand your skin type, you will also be able to ensure that your pillow case and linens are made from materials that support your skin too.

4. Make Moisturizer Your Best Friend

When our skin is hydrated it is happy. It will also be less prone to acne. So before you head off to bed, make sure you treat your skin to some blissful layers of moisturizer so you do not end up with flaky dry skin all over your pillowcase.

The best moisturizers to use for your face are free of fragrance and designed to provide long-term moisture to your skin. In general, the fewer ingredients that are in the lotion, the better it is likely going to be for your face.

5. Drink Water Before Bed

The lotion is not the only way to keep your skin hydrated. Literally drinking a glass of water before bed is another great way to help your skin get through the night and ensure that your pillow case does not end up an oily or flaky mess. When our skin is dehydrated, it is much more likely to be inflamed and acne prone. Make part of your bedtime routine sipping on a glass of water before your head hits the pillow.

6. Don’t Sleep in Makeup

Another very important strategy to ensuring you don’t wake up with acne on your skin is to stop wearing makeup to bed. Not only will makeup clog your pores, but it will get onto your pillow too and damage your skin in future evenings as well.

Always go to sleep with a clean face—natural beauty when sleeping is always best anyway.


If you are wanting to get a good night’s sleep without the stress of waking up with acne, then consider upgrading your pillow case and trying these bedtime tricks to treat your skin.

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