Jafton – A Custom Software Development Company That Knows Your Needs


Companies are becoming increasingly demanding, due to many reasons, including the growing competition. Very rarely, you can find now a company that would satisfy themselves with readily available software, but custom software is in high demand. That is why we, in Jafton, focus our main attention on bespoke software development.

More than 18 years of experience makes us believe that we can do it in the best way: develop customized software with consideration of all your company`s needs, demands and your expectations regarding the prospective income and development options.

You might be wondering what we can do. With this list, you can get a general idea about our custom software development agency:

  • Product analysis: many companies believe they can do something valuable without knowing the smallest details about the business, the market, and so on. In our case, we analyze all the environment in all the possible details. We consider your wishes and expectations. It helps us to create custom software of the greatest value for your company.
  • UI/UX design: your great ideas are in reliable hands. We create unique applications in complete compliance with your needs and expectations. That’s why with our apps, your ideas start living. Do you want to try it?
  • Software development: we follow the newest trends and apply all the most advanced technologies to deliver the best software that complies with your requirements and delivers unique value to your business.
  • System Integration: our unique customized solutions help your business grow by streamlining most of the operations and bolstering big data used by your business. The Agile environment allows doing it all without any disruptions in the normal work of your company.
  • Maintenance and support provided constantly: unlike many custom software development companies, we do not stop just by developing a solution for your business. We provide all the needed support and maintenance options upon the software integration and during the normal operation of your business.

Move to Innovative Easy to Manage Solutions!

Companies rely on good old practices, and this is the heaviest luggage they might carry. We will help your business to get rid of the old practices and to move to new easy-to-manage solutions. Their upgrading and maintenance can be performed without disruptions to your business activities. The fact that everything is done in a cloud is the key to the speed and quality of solution development.

Jafton team consists of the most advanced developers, specialists with a great approach, innovative way of thinking and enthusiasm in developing and delivering the best solutions to any business. More than 18 years we are online to help you get rid of old stereotypes and to move to a completely new level, the level of constant growth. This custom software development firm was created with your business in mind, and the results of this approach you will see as soon as you decide to hire us.

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