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Jeanne Black – “He’ll Have to Stay”

Jeanne Black

Brief career summary on Jeanne Black

Jeanne Black (Strange), is an American country and pop music songstress who scored a crossover hit in 1960, “He’ll Have To Stay”. Black became a contract singer for Capitol Records in 1960 and recorded, released a single called “He’ll Have To Stay” in the same year; it became a Top 10 hit. Her subsequent records were becoming indistinct on the charts and the airwaves, so that’s why sometimes she’s referred to as a one-hit wonder.

Jeanne Black’s early singing career

Jeanne Black is considered one of those one-hit wonders. The country music songstress was born Gloria Jeanne Black in Ponoma, California on October 25, 1937.

Her career began in the mid-1950s via a regular singing spot on Cliffe Stone’s TV program Hometown Jamboree. After she left the show in 1959, Black then performed in Nevada (on the Las Vegas Strip and at Lake Tahoe) before she met and teamed with guitarist and songwriter Billy Strange, whom she’d eventually marry.

Black’s signing with Capitol Records, and only hit “He’ll Have to Stay.”

In 1960 Black was then became a contract artist of Capitol Records. She released her first single on that label “He’ll Have to Stay,” an answer song to Jim Reeves’ “He’ll Have to Go.” “He’ll Have to Stay” was written by Audrey Allison, Charles Randolph Grean (as Charles Grean) and Joe Allison.

“He’ll Have to Stay” eventually appeared on the charts, and climbed until it reached its peak position at #4 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1960. It also became a top ten country hit at #6, #11 on the Billboard R&B singles chart, making “He’ll Have to Stay” a crossover hit. It also charted on the British chart at #41 that same year. It sold over a million copies, guaranteeing it a “gold record” status.

However, “He’ll Have to Stay” would also be Jeanne Black’s only major hit, as she was unable to duplicate its success. Other following singles — “Lisa” (#43 pop) and “Oh, How I Miss You Tonight” (#63 pop) were only minor hits. Despite the other charting singles, Black was relegated into the “one-hit wonder” line of artists. After these singles she disappeared from the scene, and not much has been heard about her since.

Personal life

Black’s husband Billy Strange was also a member of the famed Wrecking Crew group of session musicians. They remained married until his death in 2012. She has a sister named Janie Black, who is also a singer.


Other songs recorded by Jeanne Black:

  • “Under Your Spell Again” (B-side to “He’ll Have to Stay)
  • “Journey of Love” (B-side to “Lisa”)
  • “You’ll Find Out”
  • “Sleep Walkin'” (B-side to “You’ll Find Out”)
  • “A Little Bit Lonely” (B-side to “Oh, How I Miss You Tonight”)
  • “The Commandments of Love”
  • “Jimmy Love” (B-side to “The Commandments of Love”)

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