Jeff Ber Shares How To Volunteer During The Current Pandemic

Since the pandemic, many individuals work and socialize from home. While volunteering has been initially linked with community support, COVID-19 has not hindered this type of work. Professionals like Jeff Ber are dedicated to volunteering as a way to help create awareness and motivation. 

Why Volunteer?

Many people are suffering because of the pandemic. Basic needs, as well as social opportunities, are creating both physical and mental health issues. A volunteer can both give and receive the benefits of their service.

Jeff Ber is a business management professional who volunteers his time to help those facing testicular cancer. Encouraging others and inspiring action are deeply important aspects of his volunteer work. By sharing his story of cancer survival, Jeff Ber conveys a sense of resilience and motivation.

Volunteering can boost health in a variety of ways

Social connection 

Social isolation can take a significant psychological toll on any individual. While older adults are usually more susceptible to loneliness and isolation, this is a particularly important aspect of volunteering during a pandemic. Online opportunities to volunteer can reach individuals who may not have strong relationship ties during a time of need. 

Increased positivity

Many people who volunteer regularly feel better about the society in which they are living. By giving back in any way possible, faith in humankind can often increase. Optimism and a sense of well-being is a crucial part of what it means to be resilient. By bolstering a positive outlook on life, an inner strength can have long-lasting benefits for the future. 

Advances opportunities

During the pandemic, life can start to feel stagnant without new opportunities to move forward. Creating new relationships and learning different skill sets can foster new possibilities for advancement. This can be beneficial for both physical and mental health, depending on the type of volunteer work. 

The Importance of Volunteering For Professional Advancement

Professional advancement can mean different things for different people. Professional advancement may take the role of networking. Meeting new people in a field or industry that an individual finds engaging can lead to business relationships. 

Professional advancement can also lead to the progression of new skills. Many volunteer opportunities include a training period. Training in virtual or in-person settings depending on the job. Highly sought-after, technology-based skills can be acquired online with help from the organization. 

When volunteering for a cause, professional advancement may mean spreading a message. When Jeff Ber decided to advocate for cancer awareness, his goals stemmed from the hope that others will also defeat testicular cancer. 

Virtual vs. Traditional Volunteering

Traditional volunteering often involves in-person interaction with the organization and who it serves. This can be an enriching act when helping others. By offering guidance and service face to face, volunteering can feel more intimate.

Typical traditional volunteering opportunities may include working with the homeless, setting up charity events, and dedicating time to school functions. This type of volunteer work may or may not require training, depending on the type chosen. Volunteers that work together in-person may also socialize outside of volunteering.

Virtual volunteering has many of the same benefits but can include functions and organizations that are not located within the community. This means there is a broader pool to choose from when deciding what type of volunteer work is most suitable. Virtual volunteering can include a variety of industries and even community resources to choose from.

Online volunteering can quickly advance an individual’s understanding of technology. When working with other virtual volunteers, computers are necessary. This can be especially helpful for those who know little about operating a database or using a spreadsheet. Many volunteer training programs are more than happy to teach basic technology skills to anyone who needs extra guidance.

Depending on the type of volunteering, programming and web development may be taught through a training process. Online marketplace organization and web design are also crucial for certain virtual volunteer jobs.

Online Volunteer Opportunities

Canada has virtual volunteer opportunities for multiple genres of work. For those interested in working with mental health issues, virtual volunteering is often anonymous and available in many areas.

Virtual volunteer opportunities include:

  • translating documents
  • volunteering for a medical cause
  • telephone assistance for seniors
  • graphic design
  • marketing plan creation
  • tutoring
  • technology assessments
  • project management

Other opportunities can include social media. Social media marketing is a skill that is necessary for many professions. Regardless if a business works with the public or other private companies, a social media account can tailor custom-made content to showcase its image. Knowing multiple social media platforms is key when executing this skill set and can be taught through volunteer training.

Safe and Convenient

Virtual volunteering has specific benefits during the pandemic. Because it can be done at home, volunteering is much safer. Since the risk of COVID-19 exposure is significantly decreased, both co-volunteers and clients can effectively practice social distancing.

Volunteering can be done at any time when using an online platform. Many people create their schedules and can log-in from anywhere. This is especially beneficial for adults with children who may need to adjust their schedules.

Final Thoughts

Volunteering online broadens horizons while still helping others in need. To combat pandemic isolation, many people volunteer for the social aspect. With recent technology advancements, it’s now possible to stay distanced while still moving forward.