Jewelry Trends That Are Here To Stay For 2022


We all like to appear trendy, fashionable, and confident when we can. That’s why we have made it easy for you. The trends of 2022 aren’t all new. There are lots of classic styles, including the wearing of stylish hug ring, here to stay from last season and sustaining trends you might want to buy into. We like to keep an eye on what’s staying, what’s changing, and what’s new on the fashion scene so you can stay on the pulse of fashion.

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  1. Pearls are here to stay for this season and belong. Pearl jewelry has been a mainstay of modern jewelry and had a huge resurgence in recent years. From big baroque beauties to mini pearl accents we are seeing pearls everywhere. We definitely don’t see them going out of style anytime soon. From pearl earrings, to pearl necklaces, to pearl bracelets there are so many options in many different styles.
  2. Chunky chains are also here to stay. We love a chunky chain necklace or bracelet. You can even wear a chunky chain ring for an ultra cool look. We love how you can add an edgy touch to any outfit with a chunky piece. You can dress up any fit with a little bit of chunk. A simple sleek turtleneck can go from boring to super chic with the addition of an overlying chunky choker. Your ring stack can be elevated by placing a few glittering chain rings on your middle finger.
  3. Dramatic earrings are currently in vogue and can be spotted in prominent displays at major jewellery showcase in large stores. While a dramatic earring never really goes out of style there are a few iterations we are loving this year. The chandelier earring is a long draping style that typically has gemstones, sequins, or faceted aspects that catch the light. They sparkle and shine in the light. We also love a big hoop earring. Big hoops never go out of style and can dress up a casual outfit or make a stuffier outfit a bit more flirty.
  4. Anklets are in style as well. This may have seemed to be a blip of nostalgia or pining for 90’s style but the trend is here to stay. We are seeing a large array of anklet options from gemstone studded dainty anklets, chunky chain anklets, twinkly charm anklets, or elegant twisted chains.
  5. Colorful accents are in in a big way this season. From enamel pieces, to neon charms, and beaded accents color is back this year. We are loving bold, bright, and fun touches on your favorite jewelry. Enamel is a great option for a long lasting look that will retain its vibrancy for years to come. You can go for charms to which provide a more versatile option. If you’re not feeling color that day simply switch your colorful charms for something more basic.

The best part about trends is that you can choose to opt in or opt out. No matter your style you are sure to find a trend that works for you. Whatever trends you are thinking about following its best to pick something you liked on first glance. Often when we see a trend over and over we can get used to seeing it and it grows on us. If you want to pick a trend that you know you will love for the long haul go for something you loved at first sight.

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