Jobs Around the World that are High-Risk in Nature

There are times when you think that you have the worst job in the world, when, in fact, other people face more dangerous tasks for days on end because of their chosen career. Some of these dangerous jobs are extremely risky that, by earning a living, it might cost them their lives. Even though these aren’t for the faint-hearted, they definitely pay you a high salary for taking these high risks.

Whether it’s welding or construction, these are the most high-risk jobs around the world.


Roofers have a challenging job as they’re required to install or fix roofs of houses and buildings. Considered to be one of the jobs that has the most fatalities, getting training is often necessary to learn how to work at heights. If you live in Sydney and work as a roofer, consider taking a working at heights training in Sydney to prevent any future falls, minimize fatal consequences or injuries, and learn how to perform your tasks in a much safer place. Risks are high with a job like this because they can face fatal injuries like falling off roofs, electrocution, burns from scorching hot tiles, or even from being subjected to chemical hazards.

Underwater Welder

When you’re an underwater welder, you’re required to fix pipelines, dams, or ships while facing a number of dangerous and fatal outcomes. Due to the fact that they’re working with electricity underwater, employees can be subjected to explosions, pressure hazards, shock, decompression sickness, and drowning. It’s ranked one of the top five most dangerous careers.


Many times we’ve watched a news piece about coal miners being trapped in caves. This is just one of the many things a miner faces on the job, even though the earnings outweigh the risks. Besides explosions or cave-ins, they can face chemical leaks, electrocution, as well as health issues due to being exposed to inhalation of toxic fumes which cause black lungs, fatigue from carrying heavy loads, and fatal falls.

Stunt Actors

Stuntmen or women might make an action sequence look enthralling in Hollywood movies, but their job comes at the great risk of endangering their livelihood. Their job is to make a certain stunt look cool and they’re required to perform crazy action sequences from car chases to running through fire, and jumping from high heights; they face the risk of death each time.


Considered to be heroes everywhere, it’s no surprise that being a firefighter is dangerous. They rush through burning buildings, putting out fires, and risking their lives to save others. They can be subjected to toxic fumes, chemical burns, and harmful gasses. It might be challenging, but highly rewarding.

Deep-sea Fishermen

You might think that fishing is relaxing, but deep-sea fishermen face a number of life-threatening situations. Storms, blizzards, freezing temperatures, and drowning are to name a few. They also go through sleepless long nights and can get injured due to handling heavy machinery.

Some jobs might seem cool or unique, but they’re actually some of the most dangerous ones around the world. There’s a reason why these jobs offer a high paycheck; they face life-threatening situations each day. So, if you’re one of these people, make sure to be knowledgeable and well-trained, not just in your day-to-day job, but in emergency situations as well.