Join Laura’s Adventure in 918Kiss!

The famous female adventurer, treasure hunter and tomb raider lara croft now has a spinoff slot games. Introducing, Laura, the gun wielding, whip lashing, beautiful and witty Laura, the protagonist of the all new online slot game with the same name, now available at 918Kiss.

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Laura is our featured product of this month because it has been trending among online players for weeks now. Reviews surrounding the game have been nothing but positive, the current rating of Laura at 918Kiss slots is FIVE OUT OF FIVE STARS, a perfect score set by near 20,000 players, some online casino review sites even name it as Slot Game of the Year. There are plenty of Tomb Raider fans out there, Tomb Raider is not only one of the most well-received game franchises in the gaming industry, but is also a hit in the cinemas as well. The first Tomb Raider game dates back to 1997, today, the graphics have improved more than ever, the expressions and actions and scenery are all super realistic, these traits are the same for Laura as well.

Laura is truly a phenomenal games, the immersion level is great and the aesthetics is to die for. The slot game revolves around Laura’s adventure into a deserted island in search of an ancient artifact.  Of course, on her way there she comes across some dangerous native tribe that sees this ancient artifact as worship idols, and they will do anything in their power to stop you from getting your hands on them. The ancient artifact is in the form of a golden mask, some rumors surrounding it is that the user can indeed draw magical powers from the mask by wearing it, but its true potential has not yet been discovered. The rest of the lore you will have to unlock by playing the slot game yourself, visit your Install 918kiss now to play Laura!