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Car keys have long gone electronic, so much so that every single car made today has only a system in place for an electronic key. While some still have the regular key attached to a fob, some don’t even have a regular key anymore. You simply use your remote key to unlock the car or even start the car. However, we still have a higher percentage of cars that still have a combination of the regular key and the remote key fob.

So, which of these types of car keys do you possess? Have you somehow misplaced or lost it? It’s alright. We are sure there is a solution for that. If you lose your car keys, especially the transponder key, they will have to be replaced. Getting a replacement also means programming car keys. If this is you and you require both services, Jones and Sons Locksmith in Columbus, OH, surely got it all under control. Moreover, you can also check out this post to purchase high-quality car lights for the lowest price.

Car Key Programming-Top Key Programmers

Since most recent cars have keys that are uniquely programmed for them, there is no way a different key can be used to start your car. The ignition system will not accept it. This applies to newly made car keys you intend to use on your car. Without programming car keys, the keys will not do anything. Every key now has a chip found within the key fob. This chip acts as a transmitter that sends radio waves to the transceiver within the car. If this signal is not matched or the key is incorrect, the ignition system will not respond. This is why programming car keys is essential as soon as a replacement is made.

This is one of the many specialties that Jones and Sons Locksmith experts have. We can make you a new car key replacement and also program the key. You simply have to contact us for a locksmith Columbus, Ohio service. Our experts are only a few minutes away from you. Programming car keys will make it possible to use your car again and prevent theft.

Can Programming Car Keys Be Done By Anyone?

Programming Car Keys - Jones and Sons Locksmith

Perhaps you are wondering if you can program your car keys by yourself. Well, this is totally dependent on the type of car you drive. Some cars allow for manual programming, while others don’t, as you will need a device to do this. So, you have to be sure your car allows programming car keys. If it does, then you should find everything needed to complete the process within the car manual. If it doesn’t, there is only one option: call a locksmith Columbus Ohio.

Of course, you should be calling Jones and Sons Locksmith. Making sure your car’s ignition, keys, and locks run smoothly is our priority. So, any time you lose your car keys and would like a replacement, call us. A professional who is good at programming car keys will handle the rest for you. Contact us right away!

Other Auto Locksmith Services Offered

Keys definitely need to be cut when someone needs a new key made. Our key cutters are state of the art, which means we can cut any type of key for any type of lock. So, for more than just programming your car keys, we can also cut keys, make duplicates, repair ignitions, and restore car immobilizers. You can also expect that our services are affordable and of the highest quality. So, what requirements do you have for us? Made up your mind already? Put that call through immediately, and any issues with your car door lock or the key will be resolved quickly.

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