JumpTask Review: Micro-Task Crypto Platform For Extra Money

Are you thinking about getting extra money on the side? You are just in time. As prices are rising and inflation recently reached 9.1% in the US, taking care of your personal finances is extremely important. One of the ways to do that is by creating an additional income source to cover your bills.

Unfortunately, some of us may not have much time for a side hustle. Others might lack specific skills and knowledge to start earning on the side. While it’s true that skills are helpful, some platforms offer tasks for complete beginners. Today we are reviewing JumpTask, a micro-task platform that aims to help people earn on the side with crypto.

What is JumpTask?

JumpTask is an online platform that connects freelancers and companies. Businesses provide tasks to workers, who get paid in cryptocurrency – JumpToken (JMPT). Users can then keep their tokens and wait until their value increases or exchange them straight away for dollars.

To get started, you need a crypto wallet first. That is where you receive your JMPT when tasks are completed. No worries if you don’t have it yet: the platform simplifies the registration process. You can use social logins like Google or Facebook to create a wallet with Torus. Once your wallet is set up, you can choose a task, complete it, and start earning money.

What Tasks Are on JumpTask?

There are a few ways you can earn money on JumpTask. Notably, there could be a wider variety of things people can do on the platform. That being said, the platform is still very new, as it launched less than a year ago. They plan to add more earning types soon, as their social media channels describe.

The first earning option is sharing your internet bandwidth. That’s right: you can get paid for simply keeping an app open, which shares your traffic. You need to download Honeygain, a passive income app that partners with JumpTask.

After that, keep your device on, share your internet connection, and get paid in JMPT. The good thing about this method is that it’s passive income, and no effort is required from your side.

Another earning type you can choose is Offerwalls. This one requires a little bit of effort to get paid in JMPT. The list of tasks you can do includes completing surveys, trying out new apps, watching videos, or playing games. The list is constantly updated, and you can pick the task you like the most. This is a proper earning type for beginner freelancers to start their side hustle journey.

The third way to make money is for crypto enthusiasts. JumpTask recently launched its staking opportunity, rewarding you for holding your JMPT in the staking pool. Not familiar with staking yet? No problem. It works like a simple savings account where you deposit funds and earn interest. Here, you deposit JMPT and get JumpToken rewards in return.

How Much Can I Earn?

In terms of earnings, JumpTask provides you with extra income on the side. To be fair, you will not make a million dollars in your first month. It’s good that the platform does not make such empty promises, though. $50 a month is possible, but the exact figure will depend on how many tasks you complete on the platform.

As mentioned above, one way to maximize your earnings is to use your existing JumpTokens in staking. This way, you make JMPT that you own work for you and earn additional rewards, boosting your total earnings.

Another good chance to increase your income is to participate in monthly giveaways. JumpTask organizes monthly windrops, which means they distribute JMPT prizes to random users who meet certain conditions. All in all, it seems that the project is trying to give back to its community, which is a good signal. The community is growing quickly, and has currently 920k+ active users.

What’s Special About JumpTask?

While the app has limitations regarding earning potential and task variety, JumpTask has potential. The key advantage is that anyone worldwide can start earning additional income, as the platform has no location restrictions.

Another benefit is that the platform is suitable for beginners. You often need professional skills to be successful on freelancing platforms such as UpWork. However, if you are not an expert in graphic design or programming, you can find your place on JumpTask.


Overall, JumpTask provides a new way for freelancers to earn on the side. While the platform is still new and has some limitations, JumpTask offers a decent side hustle and a chance to explore the crypto world for beginners. If you are looking for an additional income source without too much hassle, you can try JumpTask and see how it goes.