Jungle Scout vs ASINspector: Which One Is Better?


There are all sorts of tools that can help an Amazon seller to boost their rankings and make more money. However, with so many options out there, it can be very hard to determine which will work best for you. These kinds of software companies will throw a lot of features in there (which is good), but they don’t always do a good job of explaining how they will improve your performance. To help people out, we are going to do a quick comparison of two popular Amazon selling tools. Jungle Scout is a stand-along program while ASINspector is an extension for the Chrome browser.


The first thing we want to address is the pricing. Right away, we can see that Jungle Scout is significantly more expensive. However, this is not surprising when you consider the differences between them. People do not normally pay a lot of money for browser extensions. In fact, most people don’t pay for them at all. Jungle Scout does give you a lot more for your money, but the price differences are pretty large.

ASINspector offers a basic plan and a pro plan, but the basic one doesn’t seem very good. You miss out on roughly 19-20 features if you go with this plan. However, you will only have to give a one-time payment of $97.00. If you go with the pro plan, it costs $127 per year and an additional $10 per month. The basic plan really isn’t worth having because you don’t get access to the keyword finder. That completely removes the SEO aspect from the equation. Still, the cost for the pro plan isn’t that high.

Jungle Scout, on the other hand, can cost as much as $600 per month. That means a larger number of sales will have to be made before the program pays for itself. Adding a large expense like that to your monthly bills is not a decision to be made lightly. Of course, their lower-tier plans are better than ASINspector’s. Still, ASINspector is by far the more affordable of the two.


In essence, these are SEO tools that are meant to provide you with accurate market data. If they cannot do that, they are not worth their cost. So, which one is more accurate? Nearly all the reviews we can find say that Jungle Scout is far more accurate. In fact, we have seen quite a few reviews that complained of inaccurate or outdated information coming from ASINspector. ASINspector might make a good supplemental research tool, but you can’t fully trust its metrics. Sure, Jungle Scout is a lot more expensive, but at least you can trust the information that it gives. Thus, it is the clear winner in this category.

Special Features

These two pieces of software do many of the same things, but there are some differences. For instance, ASINspector allows you to do reverse searches and it also allows you to look up information on your competitor’s sponsors. If you are looking for information about a competitor, ASINspector would seem to be the better choice because Jungle Scout does not provide either of these features.

However, Jungle Scout gets some points because they also offer a Chrome extension, allowing you to get the same convenience that you would get from their competitor…but with more accurate metrics. In the end, though, ASINspector does have more special features to offer. However, it’s a very narrow win. We are only talking about two features here, even if they can be quite handy at times.


It can be difficult to judge this kind of thing, but we have read a large number of customer reviews to get an overall picture of where they stand. We have found a lot of complaints regarding both companies, but far fewer in comparison when looking at Jungle Scout. The problem is this: When you sign up for ASINspector, they will make big promises about raising your revenue by a certain amount (usually an absurdly high amount). In practice, most people say that they did not receive that kind of revenue increase.

When it comes to Jungle Scout, they have some pretty good support resources. Some people say that it can be a little difficult to get a live person on the phone when calling them, and that is a major annoyance. However, they seem to be more responsive than the competition. Most of the complaints we saw regarding ASINspector pertained to the inaccuracy of their profit-boosting estimates. In general, they said that their complaints were not sufficiently addressed. Because there is only one real complaint with Jungle Scout, they win the point for this category.


When it comes to points, we have a draw with each competitor winning two points. Thus, we have to decide which of these categories is more important. ASINspector got the win for pricing and special features while Jungle Scout got wins for accuracy and support.

Overall, we think that the win should rightly go to Jungle Scout. Even if their services are a bit more expensive, and even if the competition has a couple of extra side benefits, we would rather have something that is accurate than something that is cheap. Besides, we see some dishonesty in the way that ASINspector does business, so that creates an integrity issue. For that reason, we would have to say that Jungle Scout is the better choice overall.

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