Keep Your Day Job: 4 Tips on How To Keep a Job You Love


Figuring out how to keep a job is more important than landing your job, especially during an economic recession or turbulent times.

With your average person changing their jobs from 10 to 15 times throughout their careers, there’s a difference between doing the shift on your own terms, and leaving because you’ve been let go or because the economy tanked your company.

Admittedly, depending on your industry of choice, your job tenure can fluctuate wildly. However, that doesn’t mean you can do nothing to better keep your job.

If this whole process is unfamiliar to you, no worries. You’ve come to the right place. Keep on reading for our full breakdown of the four key ways you can keep your job, and even get a promotion.

  1. How to Keep a Job 101: Be Irreplaceable

Let’s start with the basic factors, then build our way to more complex strategies from there.

The whole reason behind your hiring decision is trying to meet a lack of skill or tasks being met, especially tasks that are essential to business operations.

If you want to keep your position and have your bosses singing your praises, then you’ll want to provide a work quality that no one else can provide.

Basically, you’ll want to make sure that your employer can’t replace you easily.

You can do so by being the go-to person when complex situations pop up. Also, you’ll want to go above and beyond the required minimum.

Just remember that figuring out how to keep your job safe is a learned skill, so start small and build your way from there.

  1. Suggest (and Implement) Needed Changes

A non-changing and non-innovating business is a business that’ll die off soon.

Part of becoming a star employee is identifying any opportunities for improvement, whether internally or externally.

Yet, you’ll want to always be politic and give some of the credit of any successful idea to your bosses.

  1. Get Along With Your Teammates and Colleagues

Managing office politics like a pro can take some time, especially if you’re still green and this is your first entry-level job.

No matter how intelligent you are, or how much you value you bring to the company, you’ll want to put some effort into getting along with all of your coworkers, and especially your bosses.

Be a team player, and a joy to be around. Moreover, a great way to show your appreciation for close colleagues is to celebrate work anniversary days with them.

  1. Punctuality Is Key

Being known for your reliability is tied to your punctuality and your ability to show up on time.

This also applies to delivering your work slightly before your deadlines and managing your time effectively.

Ready to Get Promoted?

Sometimes, just the idea of keeping your job for the coming year can be rife with difficulties.

Hopefully, our little guide has shed some light on how to keep a job and flourish beyond the bare minimum and fear of losing your main source of income in four simple ways.

If you liked our article, you’ll want to check out more tips and tricks in our business section. There you’ll find all the working strategies you could need.

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