Keeping and Caring for Syrian Hamsters as Pets


Are you thinking about taking the hamster as a pet? If so, then most probably, you will love the Syrian hamster. That’s because humans are beauty-lovers, and fortunately, Syrian hamsters are lovely and cute.

Therefore, when you want a cute companion with less hassle, you can pet the Syrian hamster. Now, if you are going to purchase a hamster, you must know about the caring tips for Syrian hamsters. We’ll discuss those tips. But, let’s first introduce the Syrian hamster.

Syrian hamsters are somehow different from ordinary hamsters. They are the large type of hamster that is better known as the golden hamster. However, the Syrian hamsters are easy to take care of and need low cost and space. Unbelievably, the best cage for Syrian hamsters comes at a very low price.

Guidelines of Keeping and Caring for Syrian Hamsters as Pets

As a beginner, keeping and caring for the hamster is not that easy. But if you know the guidelines, you will become habituated to taking care of the hamster.

Now, how to take care of your Syrian hamster? To take care of your hamster, you must know how to adore it, feed it, handle it, etc. Let’s know the instructions for taking care of your pet in brief.

Know to handle

Unlike the other pet, the Syrian hamsters are small and delicate. But they can adjust to any environment very fast if you give them some time. You have to be friendly with them to handle them. Follow the given instruction to make your pet get used to your environment.

  • Talk gently with your hamster.
  • Never raise your voice or surprise them while sleeping. Surprising suddenly during sleeping will change the Syrian hamster behavior.
  • Spend some time regularly to develop the pet’s trust and confidence in you.
  • Never irritate your hamster for no reason. If you do an unwanted act, your hamster might bite you.
  • Pick up your hamster with your two hands gently while playing with it.

Cleaning and washing

While keeping a pet, the most difficult task is training them about the toilet. In the case of the hamsters, you can easily train them for the toilet by using a small tray. Clean the tray regularly to keep your house clean and stink-free.

Give your hamster at least once in every week with soap and clean water. Wipe it’s tiny body properly after showering and keep the hamster under the sunshine for some time. Provide the bed, toys, and other stuff to the hamster to make it comfortable. By doing all of them, you can create an attachment with your pet.

Choosing an appropriate cage

Choosing the right hamster cages is also an important factor, especially for the Syrian hamster. That’s because the Syrian hamsters prefer to live alone. So, when you keep more than one hamster in a cage, you will find they are aggressively fighting.

Moreover, if the cage is not comfortable for the hamster, it mightn’t adjust to his house. So, you must choose the best cage for Syrian hamster. Most importantly, try to keep a separate cage for each hamster while having more than one.

Feed a timely and quality food

Taking care of the hamster also includes feeding them quality food timely. The hamsters prefer to eat fresh food, and after eating, they like to hide into a secure place. You will find available fresh food at the grocery store that they like.

They like to eat a carrot, bananas, cauliflower, apples and so on. Try to introduce them to the new food slowly while allowing food. Take time for ten days while introducing new food to keep away from the hamster’s digestion problem.

Mandatorily, give vitamin supplements and mineral stones to your pet. Indeed, the supplements will increase the Syrian hamster lifespan and keep your hamster digestive problem-free.

See! It is not that difficult to take care of your little pet by yourself. It might be a little bothersome at the beginning. But, if you love your hamster boundlessly, you can do all the activities for it.

The sum up!

The Syrian hamsters are the little creature that seeks more attention than the bigger pet. Most importantly, they have a great personality that will attract you more with the little pet. Although the lifespan of the Syrian hamster is limited, they can be your best companion.

Therefore, to get attached to the pet, you must know the caring tips for Syrian hamsters. Indeed, our instructions will best assist you in taking care of your little pet with no worries.

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