Keeping Your Team Goal Oriented

The key to a successful team is how well you can motivate them. Beyond just getting them motivated, is keeping them motivated. Whether it is a non-government organization, a non-profit team or a business, it is important that there are goals to be met and reasons to meet them.

The most important thing about goal oriented team success is that everyone buys into it. The motivation to work as a group to achieve a singular goal is not easy, but it is worth it. Being able to show your team that these goals are achievable is possible.

Check out these ways to keep your team goal oriented:

Be a Leader, Not a Boss

You may have heard that saying before, and for good reason. There is a bad association with a boss and a team or work. Usually, we think of someone barking orders at us, and they want success for themselves. Being a leader means taking responsibility for your actions and helping your team reach success. Being a boss is a self-centered way to captain a team, while a leader wants everyone around them to do well. Goal oriented teams are usually led by someone who can recognize these differences.

Sustainable Development Goals

This term might be foreign to you, and that is fine because not many people realize how important it is yet. What sustainable development goals, SDG for short, are meant to accomplish initiatives that are designed for good causes. SDG’s are used to solve problems in world communities that governments or companies want to complete. They are part of a collection of plans to help improve the life and future of others. Having a goal that is aimed at creating a better future for all is a great way to keep a team motivated towards a goal, rather than a selfish one.


While a goal oriented team should be focused on completing projects or jobs for the gratification of being responsible, there still is the option to provide incentives. Incentives are not necessarily a bad thing to provide for a team to reach their goals. Rewarding good work should always be in a good team leader’s bag of tricks, so to speak. Jobs pay for contributions, and rewards do not need to be monetary, but some kind of acknowledgment can go a long way to show a team that you care for them as a leader. Even something like a card or flowers is a good recognition of work.

Maintaining a goal oriented team can be difficult. Motivation can dip up or down depending on the attitude of the team or the goals and projects at hand. Adopting goals that fit the needs of many, through sustainable development goals are excellent ways to keep a team centered on a project that is about something bigger than themselves. The importance of team building can be formed through an association with common goals. There should also be a strong understanding of focusing on the important projects or work, and setting aside the lesser important responsibilities.