Keno Lottery – All You Need To Know

Keno is one of the most popular lotteries in the world. This lottery is popular because it is offered by modern casinos and some state lotteries. So, how much do you know about the Keno Lottery? Well, we are here to share all the information that you need to know about Keno Lottery and possibly learn how you can win playing this game.

What is Keno Lottery?

It is a fast-paced lottery game with 80 characters from which a player can choose up to 10. It is worth mentioning that there are few Keno’s versions, where a player has to select up to 10 numbers from 70. Conventionally, a player can only pick up to 10 numbers though there are casinos that allow slightly more than that.

In this lottery, draws are done every four minutes, thus, making it one of the fast-paced lotteries in the world. Winnings are dependent on the numbers matched. Different casinos and state lotteries offer different prizes though it is very easy to win up to $1 million playing this game.

Probabilities of winning

Payouts in Keno are based on how many picked numbers are matched to the numbers drawn. The payment that players receive is multiplied proportionally to the original wager of the player, thus, the more a player risks, the more winnings are likely to be won.

Depending on the casino or the state lottery, players can start winning prizes if they match at least one correct number.

History of Keno Lottery

Keno is one of the lottery games that have a long history. Would you like to know more?

Ancient Chinese Keno

Keno can be traced back 2,000 years in ancient China. It is believed that Keno was devised by a man called Cheung Leung. In a city where Leung lived, the inhabitants refused to fund the military to defend the city during the war, thus, he devised a game that would help raise money for the army. The game raised enough money for the military to win the war and save this city.

Drawing inspiration from the poem “The Thousand Character Classic”, Leung devised a game with 120 characters, which were laid on a board and players had to predict where on the board the counters would land. The game allowed up to 10 bets, which is similar to the modern selection.

After a huge success in Leung’s village, Keno spread to other villages and cities in China. A white pigeon was used to send results to other cities. It was exciting as people waited for the pigeon to bring results to their village, thus, nicknaming the game “Great White Pigeon Game”.

Reduction of characters

By the time the game was spreading to other cities and villages in China, the game changed from the original 120 characters to 80.

Keno Lands in America

In the 1800s, Chinese immigrants working in America’s railroads brought the game to America. Initially, the game only thrived among Chinese living in America, despite the gambling being legal in America.

However, Keno started gaining popularity in America and natives began playing the game.

Keno in Casinos

In the early 20th century, Keno got its way into the casinos. Initially, the game numbers were manually written on papers and rolled into tubes before a Nevada casino owner, Warren Nelson, came up with a system of drawing numbers from balls in a rotating cage.

What is the impact of technology on Keno?

Technology has played a major role in the transformation of the Keno lottery. The advancements made in technology allowed faster and efficient ways of playing the game.

Keno online

The rise of the internet made it possible to play Keno online. Currently, a majority of online casinos and state lotteries offer the online keno lottery. The online game is similar to the original game. has created the best keno software, so you can run the game on your own website too.

How to Play Keno Lottery?

The Keno lottery is one of the easiest online games that you can play. To play, you simply follow the steps below:

  • Pick up to 10 lucky numbers from a pool of 80 numbers
  • Determine how much you are putting on stake, keeping in mind it will reflect on your winnings
  • Wait for the draw, which is done every 4 minutes to check whether you have won or not
  • Depending on the casino or state lottery and the amount won, the winnings can be sent directly to the account of the owner.

You simply need a phone or a computer to start playing this game.

Basic Strategies and Tricks to Play and Win the Keno Lottery

The following are some basic tricks that you can use as part of your strategy to win the Keno lottery.

Shop for the best odds and prizes

The first basic trick is to find a casino or state lottery that offers the best Keno odds and prizes. You will need to do research on the best options that you have.

Pay for multiple drawings in advance

If you want to increase your chances of winning, you can pay for multiple drawings in advance. This involves buying a ticket that allows multiple draws. For example, you can pay for an “X” number of games.

Limit changing number-picking methods

It doesn’t matter how you pick your numbers as this is a game of chance. However, a quick tip that top players are using is to stick to the same number-picking methods for at least one month before changing.

Play progressively and set a limit

Another strategy that works in the Keno lottery is playing the game progressively for some months. This increases your chances of winning. However, to avoid addiction and severe losses, players are advised to set a limit of loss that they can endure. This will make the game fun.


The Keno lottery is one of the best lotteries that both experienced and beginners can play. With a rich history, the Keno lottery is a choice for all. Players simply need to know the basic tricks that can help them in forming their winning strategies and they will have fun playing the game.

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