Key Considerations When Choosing New Kitchen Countertops


Whether it’s a full kitchen remodel or making a few small changes, both options can revive a dull kitchen and improve your overall living space. One such update might be replacing your old kitchen countertops with new ones, as this might be necessary to fit in with your new design but also create a safer, cleaner workspace for when you’re preparing your meals. If you are at the point of trying to select new countertops for your kitchen, but you don’t know where to start, here are some key considerations to make sure you choose the best ones for your needs.

1. Sticking within Your Budget

If you are going through a complete remodel, then you do need to figure out how much of that budget you are willing to spend on new countertops. Different materials with cost more or less than others, with enameled or glazed lava stone being some of the most expensive options out there. If you’re looking for more budget-friendly choices, butcher block-style wooden countertops could work nicely. Concrete or laminate might work better for your spending limits.

2. Durability

Your kitchen countertops go through a lot each day, from being subjected to heat, moisture, spills, and scratches. This is why durability should be the top priority when you are selecting materials for your countertops, and the majority of the market is designed with this in mind. Wooden countertops can look stylish, particularly in country-style kitchens, but they can be susceptible to warping and might require more maintenance to keep them in good shape. Stone countertops such as granite or marble could be the better choice, as not only do they look stylish, but they are tough and easy to clean. You can see some examples of stone kitchen countertops at Legacy Countertops.

3. Style

Of course, you want your new countertops to look great and fit in with the rest of your kitchen’s interior, so making sure you pick the right style is also key. As mentioned above, stone countertops can be ideal for this as they can fit in with both modern kitchens and ones that want to incorporate vintage styles, which might be ideal for period properties as this will fit well with the overall aesthetic throughout your home. You may even want to think about matching the stone countertops with your choice of flooring for a smart finish to your kitchen design.

4. Easy to Clean

You can get tiled kitchen countertops as these can be a little more unique. However, they might not be as easy to clean as a smoother surface. You need to make this a priority when choosing kitchen countertops, as this is a space where bacteria can thrive. Tiles aren’t overly difficult to clean, but the ridges in between each tile can create slightly harder-to-clean spots. Wooden countertops can look good but may pose a similar problem, as they are porous and can create problems if they become warped.

If you want to update your kitchen countertops this year, either as a small update to your kitchen or as part of a full remodel, think about the points listed above to help you pick the right countertops for your desired look.

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