Key requirements for a practical and beautiful guest room

Home is often described as a place where everyone who steps in feels welcomed and comforted. For many homeowners, the primary goal is always to match their decor aesthetic to this sentiment. As a result, if you take a more in-depth look into the feeling behind home interior decoration, you will find the most desirable outcome ensures that all rooms in the home are sufficiently pleasing to their occupants, including the guest room.

So as you set up your guest room, here are some requirements to keep in mind to help you create a practical and beautiful guest room.

Adequate Sockets, Extension Cables and Charging Areas

Our gadgets have become such vital components of daily living that they are practically surgically attached to our limbs. Therefore, one of your guests’ primary needs is working sockets to facilitate device charging. Most modern home contractors consider this factor and install numerous sockets in every room during construction. However, if that is not the case in your home, whether due to oversight or age, you can also come up with alternative methods of making the available sockets convenient to guests.

The first step lies in arranging your furniture appropriately. For example, ensure that the bedside tables are placed close enough to both the bed and sockets to allow easy access. If that isn’t possible, or if the sockets are hard to reach, you may also run an extension cable from the outlet to the desired spot.


Keep a selection of essential toiletries available at all times. They can be as simple or as high-brow as you like, as long as you have all the bases covered, that is, toothpaste and toothbrushes, body wash, shampoo, conditioner and lotions. You may also include any other products which you feel may be appreciated. And while your guest might not need what you have provided as they use their own, they will be glad for your thoughtfulness.

Besides toiletries, towels are an essential addition to your guest room. It’s recommended to provide one hand towel, bath towel and bath sheet at a minimum per guest. You may also include a selection of cosmetics and other essentials like creams and hand lotions.

An Iron Or Clothing Steamer

You know that more often than not, at the moment when you are ready to begin ironing your clothes, you have just completed your shower and are not dressed to receive company. Therefore, you should endeavour to help your guests avoid having to hunt you down at awkward times to request an iron and ironing board by placing them in the room to start with.

Suppose you are apprehensive about how much room you have available. In that case, you can use a number of alternative storage ideas to accommodate this appliance, including installing a custom-built cupboard or improvising using a tabletop as an ironing space.

Storage and Stowage Space

Living out of your suitcase can be frustrating and inconvenient. Therefore, your guests will highly appreciate the simple act of offering them a space in which they can put their clothes away and stow away their luggage. To elevate your guest room, even more, you may add a touch of class by installing custom-built wardrobes. They may also have special features like hanging hooks on the inner door, hanger compartments, a sliding door and a reflective surface for extra light, as well as a place to check their appearance.

These are just a sampling of the major and minor touches you can add to your guest room to give it that valuable feeling that it is a space where your guests can enjoy a slice of home away from home.