Key Tactics to Become Popular on Twitter


As Twitter remains one of the most popular social platforms in the world, more people are looking for ways to become popular there. Being famous on Twitter is a big help for cross-platform promotion, business development and connections, and just for personal fun. That is not a piece of cake, because unlike many other networks, Twitter has a different strategy for growth. This social network is based on different principles of organizing communication. In this article you will find out what are the best tactics, tips and hacks for reaching the top.


Twitter is a social platform that is based on texting communication because it was inspired by SMS. The vital characteristic of a good blogger will be the number of followers, especially active ones. Because you can write the wittiest and smartest quotes and get nothing if there’s no one to interact with your posts. Getting more followers is leverage that pushes your growth. An effective method to break through competitors at the beginning of your career is to look for some sites where you can buy Twitter followers for cheap. Remember that a good blogger always keeps the balance between paid services and organic growth of his audience. 


What defines a professional blogger is a devotion to a certain amount of topics. Of course, you should not ignore the hottest discussions and always watch for the latest trends, but still you must focus your tweeting on one niche that you have chosen. Having a specific list of topics helps to attract more followers and thus create a strong community of like-minded people. Nurturing a loyal group of followers increases your rates and makes your blog valuable and interesting to new people coming.

Another must-do if you are willing to become popular is to make your profile personal. Users on Twitter want to receive real-time information, as stated in the research of CDC. Don’t be shy and roll out your attitude, because that’s what people want to see. Share your experience, show your emotions, and stand out with your opinion – and you will see how your rates are increasing rapidly.

Tip: don’t start blabbing about your every breakfast – it will only annoy readers and won’t make any profit to you. 


Connecting with other bloggers, who already have some weight within the community helps you to become more recognized. This is a part of a modern strategy called Influencer marketing. To achieve that, follow a few simple tips:

  • Enter discussions that other bloggers start to engage with their audience
  • Follow them 
  • Tag them in your posts to bring attention to your profile
  • Repost their tweets

Collaborating with influencers in your sphere of interest is one of the effective tools for organic growth. But you should always avoid turning your replies to their posts into spam. 

Don’t be afraid to ask other bloggers and celebrities to promote you. It is not a 100% guarantee of a result, but sometimes it can work out. 

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One of the tactics to gain popularity faster is constantly subscribing to other users. This tactic is effective because people tend to follow back as a nice gesture. But you have to keep in mind that the percentage of your followers has to be bigger than profiles that you follow yourself. If you have more followers, people understand that your blog is worth their attention. If not, users might think that you are some kind of robot. 


Not many people know it, but Twitter actually boosted the use of hashtags. So don’t underestimate the value of relevant hashtags in your tweets. They help people to discover your blog and find interesting tweets. Also, it is a method to show your attitude and highlight the information that you consider important. Hashtags can create discussions without any other help. For example, one of the most popular hashtags  #thingsyouneversayonfirstdate – the name speaks for itself. You can start your own hashtags to sort your tweets into groups that you are comfortable with (e.g. #Fridaytalk or #throwbackthursday).


If you want to be a successful blogger, you will have to put a big effort into searching for the freshest trends in your industry. Users are more likely to follow you if you make your profile meaningful and interesting. Check on the latest news not only in your niche, but show your opinion on other topics. Finding the hottest discussions on Twitter is easy. Click on the “Explore” in Twitter Analytics and then go to “Trends”. From there just choose the topic that you feel you have something to say to. You should not enter the discussion if you don’t understand a thing about it or not sure that there is something worth saying. 

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Being popular on Twitter means not only constantly grossing your stats but retaining your audience. As it was stated before, you must try to raise a constant group of people, who will be boosting your account by retweeting, replying, and mentioning you. Here are the most important things to remember:

  • Reply as much as possible
  • Become friends with the most active followers you have
  • Set questionnaires
  • Offer themes to discuss that are relevant to your industry, and general as well
  • Retweet your older post to keep up the conversation
  • Be sincere with your followers
  • Schedule your tweets and set regular posting on the most popular time
  • Be polite and tolerant with your audience
  • Entertain followers in different ways – contests, celebrations, TwitterChats, etc.


Simply talking, your profile picture, header, and bio have to be filled out, neat, and interesting. Use good-quality photographs or pictures that correspond to your niche, for header. For your avatar pick the best portrait you have. As for bio description, be short, informative, and add personality (some joke or fun fact about you that can attract people). Don’t forget about cross-platform promotion and add links to your other social media profiles and website. 


While scheduling tweets and setting regular posting is important, it doesn’t mean you should not plan properly. All your efforts to become popular will go for naught if you blast your tweets at times when your target audience is sleeping. Instead, time your tweets perfectly so your account gets its much-needed exposure.

If you aren’t sure when you should tweet, you can experiment with tweeting at different times and then check the performance data. Through that, you can determine the peak times, especially since it varies greatly depending on your preferred audience.

Once you’ve discovered the peak times, hit these times to ensure that you reach the widest audience and get the most engagements on your tweets. Thus, helping you catapult your account’s popularity.

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Another key tactic to become more popular on Twitter is prioritizing visual content. It’s a general belief that tweets with visual content tend to gain more shares, retweets, and likes than ones not containing them. 

Don’t get it wrong. Opting for text-based tweets is okay, but users are more likely to notice, stop, and engage with posts with visual content. With that, it pays to include some type of imagery in your tweets once in a while.

Thankfully, there are lots of editing apps and tools like Adobe Spark or Canva to help you create good-looking visual content. Some types of visual media you can add include infographics, illustrations, memes, GIFs, graphic quotes, and image macros.

Try to be creative and avoid boring stock images. Aim also for eye-catching colors and visual designs that can make your Twitter images stand out and be memorable. What you love about visual content is that they don’t count toward Twitter’s character limit – make the most of them!


Apart from visual content, you can also start sharing more videos on your account to boost your engagement and popularity. More and more users are now watching video content on the platform. Just ensure to use native videos or ones that you create and upload directly. These videos are played in-feed on Twitter’s platform and are more likely to receive more engagements, replies, and retweets compared to third-party videos.


A growing number of Twitter followers is a great indicator of popularity, but you shouldn’t regard it as the sole barometer of your success on this platform. Today, a Twitter account’s popularity can be measured through engagement growth, influence, leads generated, brand sentiment, and response time.

Utilize all the data and analytics tools available to gauge your popularity aside from follower count. Then, decide what you want to achieve, keep track of these metrics, and do all the key tactics listed to help you attain your goal.

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Participating in Twitter communities is another excellent way to become popular on Twitter. These communities are generally a group of tweets and ongoing conversations that are organized by specific users or industries revolving around a specific interest or topic and accompanied by a hashtag.

By consistently sharing your experiences and flexing your knowledge in these niche communities, you get to introduce your account to a huge number of users and gain new followers in the process. After all, Twitter is a social platform where being part of the community is a huge part of it.


While you can always analyze what others are doing and be inspired by them, you shouldn’t completely copy their strategies, especially if they aren’t aligned with your brand or personality. Just because a witty and sassy persona worked for another account’s popularity doesn’t mean you should adopt the same and expect the same results.

Remember, always be yourself. Today’s Twitter users are adept and can instantly spot any fakes. They stop engaging with you if you can’t deliver the authenticity they treasure and crave for. Just be real and engage like a human. You’d be surprised how it can do wonders for your account’s success.


Engaging with your audience plays an integral role in boosting your popularity on Twitter. The catch is that trolls are also lurking on the platform, aiming to get your attention, attacking you for no reason, or baiting you without any cause. This tip may be a pearl of conventional wisdom, but the trick happens when distinguishing between a legitimate follower and a user.

If you’re in doubt, always reply professionally and assess everything from their response. Once you’ve confirmed they’re a troll, you can simply ignore them and focus your energy, effort, and time on your genuine followers.

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We all have seen disastrous tweets in the past involving brands, celebrities, and other significant individuals posting inappropriate content on their accounts. Never commit the same mistake. Be responsible and always review your tweets thoroughly before sending them. Taking a few seconds to recheck the wording, spelling, and meaning before sending it out to the world can save you from unnecessary chaos.


Twitter is a live-action network and sometimes it takes much effort to stand out from billions of users. But the key to every tactic that you can take for your plan is staying yourself. There is no need to aim for thousands of followers. If you are attentive and interactive with the audience that you already have – eventually other users will find it out and join your community too. Combine and change the strategies and hacks given here to create the most effective for you. 

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