Keylogger as a Guard of Enterprise Cybersecurity

If you are new to the question of cybersecurity and associated technology, then we have to share with you the information about modern solutions that make full-fledged cybersecurity a reality today. Let’s talk about keyloggers, their features, use cases, and benefits of having them in place.

Basic Info

A keylogger (also known as a key stroke tracker) is a program or device for registering keystrokes on a PC keyboard with the function of saving logs for their later analysis. A modern keylogger can be quickly and discreetly integrated into a computer or laptop of a “target” person. Once it is installed, the solution collects information about user actions and sends the data to you.

The goal of a keylogger is not always to cause damage. Recently, industrial cybersecurity specialists have shown an increased interest in interceptors of keystrokes to identify unreliable employees. As a result, the tracking utility has become a tool for monitoring personnel, recording time, and counting staff productivity.

Types of Keyloggers Based on the Installation Method

There are different ways to install keyloggers and tune them for data collection. Depending on this, acoustic, hardware, and software keyloggers are distinguished.

  • An acoustic keylogger is rarely used. The main purpose of this device is to record the sounds of keystrokes. The disadvantage of such keyloggers is the large log files that can be used to detect them since this type of interceptor is forced to record a lot of related information to facilitate subsequent decryption;

  • A hardware keylogger is a device that is physically inserted into a target device and then starts intercepting keystrokes. The main purpose of the ergonomics of such keyloggers is their invisibility. They are tiny or made so as not to attract attention.

  • A software keylogger is a spyware that is installed on a user’s computer. The program works in a hidden mode and is impossible to detect. Thus, a user will never know that someone tracks his actions and online behavior. The solution works invisibly to the user, not being displayed in the list of running programs. It can be difficult even for modern anti-virus systems to identify a spy.

Why Software Keyloggers Are the Best

Why Software Keyloggers Are the Best

The capabilities of software keyloggers go far beyond the simple collection of keystroke data; these include copying files and letters, logging information about browser usage, recording sequence of calls to peripheral devices, screenshots, and much more.

Keyloggers can store their log files in the RAM of an infected computer, on its hard drive, on a dedicated area of ​​the local network, in the registry, or on a remote server. They can be transmitted to the interested party by sending by email, posting on an FTP or HTTP server, or over wireless communication channels. Get the data you need most comfortably for you.