Kitchen Woes Solved! Easy And Effective Kitchen Cleaning Tips For You


The kitchen is the busiest room in every home. It receives traffic throughout the day. It is where you spend most of your time, and most importantly, cook your food. Hence, cleaning the kitchen regularly is not an option but a necessity.

But your busy schedule might not allow you to do a thorough cleaning every day. Hence, we have come with a little help. We are going to share with you some easy and effective ways to clean your kitchen regularly.

Here they are.

Baking soda to your rescue

Of course, you use a lot of baking soda in your baking, but have you ever used it for cleaning? Well, baking soda is one of the best DIY hacks that can help you get rid of the most stubborn build-up. Plus, it saves you from the harmful effects of regular chemical-laden kitchen cleaners.

You can use baking soda to clean your greasy and dirty stove, pots and pans, kitchen appliances, and sink. Along with vinegar and water, it gives you a perfect remedy to how to clean microwave. Also, when you clean your microwave, don’t forget to check its filters if they need to be cleaned or replaced, too. This will help make it work better. You can find out more about this in our article, Is It Time to Clean Your Microwave Filter?

Use ammonia for grates of the stove

The grates of stove burners go through a lot. They are subjected to spills and splatters throughout the cooking process. If not cleaned regularly, they tend to get dirty and greasy.

While it is easy to replace them and get brand new grates, an easy DIY hack is all you need to get rid of all the dirt and grease. With ammonia, you can clean every inch of deposit from the grates without even scrubbing them. Just soak the grates overnight with a little ammonia and get clean grates in the morning.

Unclog drains with baking soda

A clogged drain can give anyone a headache. It oozes out a terrible smell, making it impossible for anyone to stay in the kitchen.

Here again, baking soda comes to your rescue. Let some tablespoons of baking soda down the clogged drain and pour boiling vinegar over it. You will hear a sizzling sound due to some reactions that will break the blockage. Run hot water down to give the drain a final rinse and get rid of the bad smell.

Lemon and salt for cutting board

Wooden cutting boards look very classy, but cleaning them is a humongous task. Their porous surface doesn’t just make them difficult to clean but also allows bacterial growth.

If you are looking for ways to clean your wooden cutting board, we have a perfect, easy, reliable, cheap, and eco-friendly solution in hand. Cut a lemon in half, add a pinch of salt (don’t mind being a little generous), and a few drops of water.

Rub the board with lemon and use a sponge to dislodge the food particles from the board.

Use a compost bowl

Most women, while preparing a meal, throw the food scraps on the counter to collect them once they are done. Instead of creating a mess like this, use a compost bowl to collect all the organic waste. Dump the vegetable peels and even food juice in the bowl directly, and throw everything in the compost pit at last.

Opt for high-quality cleaning supplies

Your kitchen cleaning will be only as efficient as your cleaning tools. Hence, to keep your kitchen clean and spotless, use quality cleaning supplies. From scrubs to kitchen mops, make sure you trust only reliable names like Vileda Canada when buying them.


Cleaning those greasy cooktops and stained countertops might seem like a big task, but these easy hacks can get you through without much hassle. Use these effective tips and keep your kitchen always clean.

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