Kitchens With White Countertops: Design Ideas


The best way to enhance practically any kitchen space is by adding a white-coloured countertop or freestanding island to the room.

Many people hesitate to add a white colour to their kitchens with white countertops (as it gets dirty quickly and makes any scratch or crack quite visible). But if it’s maintained properly, not only will it enhance the look of the kitchen but also make it appear bigger. Moreover, there are various ways to add white colour to the kitchen.

When it comes to countertops, various prints, materials, and finishes are available to upgrade your kitchen in the best way possible.

For convenience, today we have come up with a guide that includes ways to add a white-coloured countertop, along with some tips for maintaining your investment.

Additionally, we will have put together a brief guide going over the materials that can be used with a white-coloured countertop. So, whether it’s a newly purchased house or your home just needs an upgrade, it’s vital to gain knowledge before investing hard-earned money.

Read more here if you’d like to get ideas for pairing kitchen cabinets with countertops made from quality material, like engineered quartz:

Seven ways to add a white-coloured countertop

We have shared a styling guide and ways to introduce a white countertop in a traditional or modernly decorated kitchen:

1. Opt for white epoxy countertops

The best way to introduce white kitchens with white countertops is to opt for white epoxy countertops. These countertops have a stylish outlook and a classic appearance in the kitchen.

Moreover, there are various designs to choose from. And according to the interior or colour theme of the kitchen, a counter can be customized. Doing this will not only add a personal touch to the kitchen, but also leave an impressive and lasting impression on viewers.

2. Enhance the countertop with white cabinets

In addition to the previous point, kitchens with white countertops and white cabinets can complement the overall look of almost any home. And with sleek detailing, a simple-looking cabinet and counter can look fantastic and reflect a premium kitchen design. This is especially true if it’s an average-sized, compact, or loft kitchen, a white interior will create an illusion of a bigger area.

Lastly, to complement the white-coloured decor, try adding golden veins, handles, or other dealings, which will reflect a rich look to the kitchen. As a final touch, you can apply a transparent laminating sheet above the counter to maintain the final finish.

3. Complement the countertop with freestanding island

For those who wish to create kitchens with white cabinets and white countertops, it’s best to add a countertop, like an island, with cabinets that contrast. This is the best way to add a white colour without going overboard. Those who love to stay miliminsitic can add simple hanging lights at the top and enhance the overall look.

4. Go for various layouts

White one can do wonders, and there is no end of possibilities when it comes to this versatile colour. Another effective way to enhance a kitchen with a white interior is by playing around with different layouts and designs of countertops. Be it U-shaped, L-shaped, A-shaped, or else, a specific design brings out the symmetry in the kitchen and helps transform the ordinary-looking kitchen into a modern or trendy kitchen.

5. Add natural or artificial plants

The kitchen is where we either prepare food and create loving memories for a lifetime. So, it becomes essential to use natural tones of colour and elements to make it more authentic and close to nature.

And for that purpose, one can add natural or artificial plants, like flowers, cacti or succulents, on the counter. But make sure that you leave yourself with enough space for day-to-day chores while decorating with plants.

6. Pair citron with white-coloured decor

Those who wish to reflect high energy through their kitchen can go for a citron colour combination with their white countertops. There are various ways to add such detailing in the kitchen: pattern design with white and citron epoxy or using citron colour cabinets with  white counters. All these ideas will enhance the kitchen and reflect light and make the kitchen appear bigger.

7. Add waterfall on white countertops

Adding a waterfall design countertops has become a staple in contemporary cooking spaces. And the major reason is — these types of countertops can be used in multiple ways and complement almost all types of traditional and modern kitchen spaces.

Guidelines to maintain a white countertops or kitchen

Now that we have explored the ideal ways to add a white countertop, you can read more tips and tricks to maintain a residential kitchen countertop:

  • To clean the white-coloured countertop, add dish soap to the counter and clean it gently with a fiber cloth.
  • The best way to avoid transferring fabric colour to the counter is to clean the counter with a white cloth. Otherwise, the colour can get transferred to the counter.
  • Another best way to clean the white counter is using baking soda water (approximately add four parts baking soda in one part water).
  • However, always avoid bleaching kitchens with white It can cause an unwanted texture or patch to the counter, which cannot be cleaned properly.
  • Avoid cleaning the countertop abrasively as the white colour works as the best reflector. Otherwise, it will leave marks behind that will look ugly.
  • After a few years, if the countertop gets faded in places, try rejuvenating it with mineral oil or countertop polish liquid.
  • Make sure to clean the countertop properly with kitchen soap and water to remove dirt or smudges.
  • Tougher issues can be cleaned with a wipe of denatured alcohol.
  • If nothing works, you can try to use glass cleaner or acetone to get rid of stubborn stains.
  • As a last resort, you can use green cleaner or add equal parts of water and vinegar to it.


Hopefully this detailed guide was informative and helpful enough to guide the various ways to introduce and maintain a white counter in the kitchen. After the living room, the kitchen is the place that attracts viewers’ attention.

So, we believe it should be designed creatively, and each detail should reflect one’s personality. However, before investing hard-earned money, we recommend considering the guide given above!


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