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Project management is a process that involves leading the team members via different tasks and even optimizing the resources for achieving the project goals within a given deadline and budget. Often it is observed that many IT companies strive to manage all the business processes in a proper manner for preventing slowdown. For strategic growth, it is important to prevent project failure. Project management course holds unique importance which cannot be underestimated as it allows companies to achieve their specific business requirement. Teams must understand the priorities and objectives of the project through regular communication with clients. This allows project management for enabling the company to set realistic goals.

A PGP in Project management makes one capable of aligning with the company’s strategy thus enabling the business to have success. This course helps the team for creating a plan which includes possible risks and company goals. It is essential to have a well-coordinated talk and plan which helps in leading one to achieve the primary goals. This course even makes one go through the role of project manager which allows one to control the quality of the project thus ensuring all parameters are met within the relevant timeframe. This even ensures one optimizes the allocation of resources and improves efficiency.

Project Management Basics

This focuses on devising and organizing the project and its resources. Project management basics include identifying and managing the lifecycle to be used, by applying this to have a user-centered design process thus formulating the project team. This is even defined as the process of steering a project from start to its lifecycle. The main goal of this is to complete a project with a fixed goal time frame, relevant budget, and quality. The project management lifecycle begins when the project is started and ends when the project is completed or terminated.

Benefits of Project Management

Project management is an effective tool that helps companies to get through the requirement and deliver projects simultaneously. This helps in solving problems that arise during the development of a project quickly. Let us have a look at the benefits of project management basics:

  • The result is delivered on time and within the proper budget
  • Has improved internal communication
  • Increased transparency
  • Clear records of the project’s progress
  • Identified strengths and weaknesses of the company
  • Reduced costs
  • Control over the quality
  • Clear focus and goals
  • The defined direction of the process
  • Forecast of risks
  • High project performance

Project Management Techniques

Project management involves different industries which require knowledge and skills. Individuals who have availed of this course must be ready to apply several techniques for making the procedure easy and smooth. Let us check the techniques which helped project managers to plan, execute and finish the project within a specific timeline.

  • Work Breakdown Structure: when the project is narrated for the first time, it can seem difficult to understand, and the probability of having loopholes are much. WBS helps in dividing the tasks into smaller segments for better understanding and completing the same at a relevant pace. This is a visual deconstruction of the project which aims at achieving the goals. This technique enables the project manager to recognize the activities which are necessary for bringing the project to success. WBS is essential for creating a project schedule.
  • Gantt Chart: this technique is mainly used in small and big projects. This allows one to view the tasks which are scheduled for the time period. This helps you to view the dates when the project must begin and end within the specific time frame. This technique specifics when the tasks must be completed.
  • PERT: this means Program Evaluation and Review Technique. IT companies who use this help in delivering the project on time. Hence, it is essential to devise a schedule. With the help of a statistical method, this technique shows one to manage the probabilities. This creates a sequence of activities that helps in demonstrating how one depends on the other.
  • Critical Path Method: this requires one to construct a project model which involves tasks and how one must finish the same. This shows how much time one takes to finish the task, the thing that links them. This involves running multiple tasks which helps in reducing project time. Thus, CPM enables team members to prioritize things and reduce delays.

The steps the project manager must follow for delivering the project effectively consider all the factors in an appropriate manner. Let us have a look at the five project management steps:

  • Initiation: it is essential to develop a business case and even determine the value the project brings. The right time for creating a project charter is a document that must define what the project will deliver. You must even have a daily call with team members involved for laying out the goals and establishing a manner of communication.
  • Planning: once the project is approved, it is essential to bring the team together for creating a plan which includes deciding on costs, risks, and resources. Project managers must pay attention to tasks that will help in knowing technical requirements. The project manager must create an accurate project schedule, establish communication, and set the time for deliverables.
  • Execution: this step is essential for knowing when the teamwork for the project to produce deliverables. The project manager must take an effective step that one must perform during project execution which maintains collaboration.
  • Monitor: this step helps project managers to have a look at the team activities and the progress of the project. This helps in having control of all the team members so that no one deviates from the original plan. Thus the efforts and costs are monitored well.
  • Project closure: as soon as the project is completed, many team members hold reflection meetings for finding what led to success. This helps in defining the need which must be improved.


A project management course helps one to assure the purpose or vision of the goals which project must be maintained. This helps team members to understand the responsibilities, deliverables expected, and schedule. Schedules act as an important part of project management which helps one in measuring the progress as the project moves. Availing project management certification will help one in preferring or offering more pay to the certified project manager.


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