Know all about the Different Types of Explainer Video Marketing to Grow your Business


66% of consumers say that they prefer watching a video to gain information about a product or service. 85% of businesses market themselves using video, and 83% say that a video provides good ROI. Video marketing can be a great way to reach out to the audience, give them valuable information about your brand, product, and service, and gain conversions.

Considering all the benefits, you can get from video marketing, reach out to an expert video marketing company.

With the help of the following video marketing types, you can grow your business trajectory:

Educational Video Marketing

Videos used in this type of marketing are short, actionable, and informative. They are precise, inspiring, and tell your customers all that they need to know. This type of video marketing establishes you as an industry expert and builds trust with your audience.

They can be anything from tutorial videos and industry updates videos to explainer videos. Using this video marketing type, you can show off your brand while educating people about utilising them.

Entertaining Video Marketing

Some customers want videos that are short, shareable, and entertaining. Identify your target audience and make a video that can inspire them. This video marketing content is fun and engaging and has the potential to get viral on social media.

Choose a video that makes you laugh, grabs attention, and simultaneously proves your point to attract a sale.

Product or Demonstrative Video Marketing

Your viewers want to know how your product is unique in the market. Therefore, a demonstrative explainer video helps your viewers understand your product’s core and how it is useful. These videos often include graphics and animations to narrate your information. They also contain humour to demonstrate your product or service.

A good video marketing company makes this type of videos useful by enriching them with goa od voice and a great design. This marketing type is most appropriate for unexciting products that need a dose of difference with light-heartedness.

Event Video Marketing

Do you want to promote an event? Social media is an ideal platform where you can spread the word with your fans and followers. Hire professional videographers to record your event and post the videos on social media to garner attention. Live streaming is also a part of such events, which experts can do without much effort. Event video marketing is a great way to develop leads and grow relationships with customers and brands. It is highly successful in reaching out to a broader audience.

Testimonials Video Marketing

Written reviews are great to prove your credibility, but your visitors feel more convinced when they hear from a pleased customer and see their reaction. Whenever people visit your website, they look for assurance of reality and trustworthiness. Look for some customers who can appear on camera and share their experiences. This kind of video marketing discusses issues the customers dealt with before and how your product helped them.

‘Thank You’ Video Marketing

In this type of video marketing, you should thank anyone who contributed to your brand’s success. With this, you make them feel special. When you thank them, they feel more convinced to come back to you and also introduce you to others. Create a video and send it to your existing customers, clients, or associates. When you access and thank people who supported you, you make an impression that you care.

Video marketing is a great way to help customer retention and develop your brand. Use the appropriate type of video marketing for your purpose and see your business grow. Discuss your requirements and expectations with a video marketing company like and let them take charge of your business development initiative.

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