Know Your Travel Times


Anytime you plan a trip, it is very important to know your itinerary to make sure you get to
your destination on time. If you are traveling using any mode of public transportation like a
plane, bus, or ferry, it is important to book your ticket at the appropriate time for your travel
needs. In order to do this, you have to know the schedule of when the flights, bus stops, or
ferry departures are. Thanks to the rise in technology, there are many online resources to
help you do just that.

Trips from Caticlan to Romblon

If you are traveling from Caticlan to Romblon for business or pleasure, you will have to
take the ferry. The ferry is the only mode of travel between the two islands. According to
the Caticlan to Romblon Ferry schedule, the ferry departs from Caticlan four times per day.
This gives travelers the opportunity to choose the ferry time that best suits their unique
needs. In addition, if you do not plan to spend the night in Romblon, this will also give you
the opportunity to plan your return trip from Romblon to Caticlan.

The Caticlan to Romblon Ferry

According to the Caticlan to Romblon ferry schedule, the ferry leaves four times per day
from Caticlan en route to Romblon. While this is true for most of the year, there are times
when the weather is too bad that the ferry will not run during the day. This is why it is best
to check the Caticlan to Romblon ferry schedule to find out when the ferry will be running
on your desired day.
It is also best to purchase your tickets the day before your trip to ensure you get the tickets
you want. There are different class options for each ferry as well for you to choose from.
These different class options vary in price and in accommodations. The Caticlan to
Romblon ferry schedule will also provide you with the different price options for the
different ferry classes to choose from.

Traveling Tips

When you are traveling by ferry, besides consulting the Caticlan to Romblon ferry
schedule, it is important that you keep a few other things in mind. One very important thing
to keep in mind when you are traveling by ferry is that you will be out on the water, and
sometimes the seas will be rough. If you get motion sick, it is important that you take your
medication prior to your trip to make sure that you won’t get seasick.
The Caticlan to Romblon ferry takes approximately two hours to travel between
destinations as the distance is 196 kilometers. It is important that you plan for this travel
time when you are purchasing your ticket. Using a website that shows you the Caticlan to
Romblon ferry schedule as well as different ticket options will be very helpful when you are
trying to find the best ferry ticket to match your travel or work schedule.

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