Knowing Your Rights: Acts of Harassment That Every Employee Should Know


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Aside from needing a lawyer to fight criminal charges such as drug charges etc., you could be a victim of workplace bullies or harassment and in need of a lawyer to fight your case for you. Workplace harassment is a major issue that is as old as work itself. It is a very broad concept that is becoming increasingly popular as people are taking informed positions concerning it. As of today, workplace harassment is one of the most sensitive areas of effective workplace management.

Workplace harassment involves diverse kinds of discrimination and acts of violation employees suffer. Molestation, abuse, bullying, aggression and mistreatment all fall under the umbrella of workplace harassment. All employees, regardless of their positions deserve to be treated right. The fight against this workplace evil is fiercer than ever because employees are now more empowered than ever. As the workplace takes on a totally new look, government and human resource professionals are introducing and enforcing sexual harassment prevention training programs to ensure this evil is no longer heard amidst us.  Yet, workplace harassment is so diverse and sometimes very subtle that it can go unnoticed hence the need to know what they are. 

The following are acts of harassment you should not be ignorant of as part of the modern-day workplace.

Wage Exploitation

Wage exploitation dates back to the days of the capitalist revolution. Business owners drive for profit led to the payment of meager wages to workers. Employees were mostly highly underpaid even when employers make a fortune for themselves. This unbecoming trend led to enforcement of minimum wages by the governments of different countries in order to see to the optimum welfare of its citizens. Over time, this minimum wage has been reviewed upward severally based on economic realities of different dispensations. Any employee paid lesser than allowed is being mistreated which is a serious crime under employment laws. As an employee, you should never accept any wage below set standards. Know the minimum wage allowed by the government and your industry, refuse and report discrepancies as appropriate.

Over Working

Very connected to underpayment is over working. In some cases, the two happen at the same time that workers work more hours than allowed and pay less than the minimum wage. In others, they are either underpaid or overworked. Just like minimum wage, the government set maximum number of hours each employee is allowed to be on a job per day. There could be industries peculiarities, hence find out what is applicable to you and don’t be bullied into working extra hours. This situation can be really dicey. Some organizations offer bonuses for extra hours and make them optional. If this happens too often, it is in fact illegal irrespective of the amount paid as a bonus.


Employment laws make provisions for all workers to be granted leave from work for a period of time annually. Some organizations want you to feel like they are doing you a favor when they grant you leave, no it isn’t. You are entitled to leave every year. If you are not granted, it is within your right to ask for it. This also extends to certain periods for example maternity leave. You are entitled to standard pay when on leave.


It is mandatory for all organizations to ensure a certain percentage of their employees pay go into pension accounts. This way, they are prepared for life after work. You are entitled to a pension account – if none has been opened for you, it is an abuse of your right.

Health Safety and Insurance

The nature of some jobs is very hazardous to health hence the need for essential safety tools for workers. In addition to this, the organization is expected to invest in workers’ health insurance. This takes care of unexpected health issues that could surface. It is your right to refuse to work if these things are not provided.

Sex, Color, Religion and Race

No one is allowed to be discriminated against for any reasons, including color, sex, race and religion. This is as basic as workplace harassment gets. Remuneration must be on the basis of work done and positions rather than sex. Eligibility for roles must be based on qualifications, experience and other objective criteria.

Now that you are better informed on workplace harassment, you know your basic rights at work. In case you are on the wrong end of any of the above, take strong exceptions to such. If adjustments are not made as expected, report to higher authorities in the organization. If authorities in the organization fail to mete out justice, labor unions are the next place to look. Do not allow yourself to be intimidated by another. Stand by your right.

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